Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Providers

Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Providers

With the new advanced technology called Cloud Storage, which is actually a networked online storage where online data is stored on multiple virtual servers, one can save his data in the cloud (the server) and can excess this data, when ever he is online and which ever server is near to him.

One can back up and sync his files from this service. It can be his PC or mobile files.

Here is the top 5 Free Cloud Storage Providers Online:

1) Google Docs: As Announced earlier by Google, you can use Google Docs to save your larger files which are most of the time very difficult to mail. Any file up to 250 MB can be upload to Google Docs in one time. You will have 1 GB of free Space. Visit Google Docs.

2) Amazon S3: Amazon simple storage service provides its new users a AWS Free Usage Tier. Under which developers can use 750 hours of Amazon EC2 per month, 5GB of Amazon S3 storage for one whole year. See AWS Free Usage Tier page.

3) Dropbox : You will get free storage of upto 2 GB. Each friend you will recomend to Dropbox will give you 250 MB extra space. The maximum space you can get through this method is upto 8 GB. Visit Dropbox

4) SugarSync : This free cloud storage service provider allows you up to 5 GB of free space. For every referral you will get additional 500 MB of free space. New referral must signup with SugarSync to get this offer. See SugarSync website.

5) Syncplicity : As the name suggest this file syncing site allows you storage of upto 2 GB in clouds. Invite your friends to Syncplicity and get 1 GB additional Storage. This provider works with windows and MAC OS. Visit Syncplicity.

Mind you some of this Free Cloud Storage Providers needs to be download and install on your PC to make use of them. Do let us know your thoughts on this free cloud storage providers.

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  1. I do agree with all the ideas you have presented in your post. I will surely use one of cloud software you mentioned. I would like to mention and add Adrive in this list. It offers 50GB Storage.

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