Tuitalker – Free Voip Softphone (Tuitalk Download)

Tuitalker (tuitalk download) is actually a free voip softphone from Tuitalk to be downloaded to make free voip calls from your PC, iPhone, smartphones, Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

With Tuitalk one can make free calls anywhere in the world. You just need to download the softphone and register with tuitalk. You can use this same account in any of the above mentioned devices. Tuitalk has included more than 40 countries in their list of free calls. These free calls can be done because they are sponsored by advertisement which are shown before you make free calls. One can call landlines and mobile phone numbers with this service. You just need a PC with speakers/headphones with mic or iPhone or Windows Mobile Phone to do free calls.

tuitalker download for PC

Download Tuitalker For PC

Download Tuitalker for iPhone

Download Tuitalker For iPhone

Download Tuitalker For Windows Mobile Smartphone

Download Tuitalker For Windows Mobile Smartphone

Download Tuitalker for windows mobile pocket PC

Download Tuitalker For Windows Mobile Pocket PC

I hope you will find this software download helpful for making free calls on internet via Tuitalker. Share your comments with us.

4 thoughts on “Tuitalker – Free Voip Softphone (Tuitalk Download)”

    1. Yes you can download it from for your iPhone from Mobile Smartphone Download link. As far as apple store is concern, Tuitalk is been not found there.

  1. I have register with Tuitalk and download it on PC, though my country is not in their list of free calling. I hope I might get some cheap voip calls.

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