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JustCloud – Free Cloud Storage Upto 1 GB

You will find lots of economical backup services readily available for personal and small company customers and JustCloud is yet another of individuals options. It enables you to select from three different account levels so odds are, you will find a package that meets your requirements for copying all of the files on your PC. In the event you proceed and buy a backup account? Here’s the important information to find out if JustCloud is only the right service for you personally.

What And Who Is JustCloud?

JustCloud belongs to the Just Develop It. It has number of Backup brands that provides website hosting an internet-based backup services. Because the title suggests, there aren’t lots of extras using their items however they provide easy and affordable services for that personal or very small company user. Based on the organization, they provide “premium items and budget prices”.

JDI Backup can also be parents company to similar brands MyPCBackup, Backup Genie and ZipCloud.

JustCloud offers limitless online backup and file sync for little money. It’ll complete the job perfectly for those who simply want their data safely supported. If you wish to convey more features be ready to pay extra, though. It’s both simple to use and restored our test files with no hiccups.


Quick Review of JustCloud

During the last six years we’ve seen and examined around 30 online backup services, have clarified 1000’s of emails with queries about exactly what the best cloud storage an internet-based backup services are. JustCloud hasn’t been our top former during the last several weeks. However, in recent versions they’ve enhanced substantially, they added more features, eliminated several shady marketing strategies and enhanced the general stability of the online backup program.

JustCloud offers limitless online backup, file synchronization, file discussing, drag-and-drop backup and much more. All individuals features made us think whether it’s easy to deliver high quality on these. Habits we of experts sitting lower within the last handful of days to check this particular service to the bones.

JustCloud handles bigger files well, yet you have to buy an upgrade if you wish to backup files which are bigger than 1 GB. Particularly when you’re on a tight budget JustCloud provides the perfect plan for your requirements, if you are prepared to dedicate yourself a bit longer of your time you will get limitless online backup for less than $ 5 – that is virtually a steel.

Subscribe to JustCloud if you’re …

  • students, or any kind of person on a tight budget
  • searching for an affordable method to backup your files within the cloud
  • searching for something that can make your existence simpler
  • searching to talk about files with with buddies and family (photos, videos etc…)

If you take lots of photos and you’re still searching for a location to keep all of them JustCloud may be the right spot for you. You are able to browse your photos wherever you’re the web clients, share all of them with your buddies and family or download these to your mobile phone to include a pleasant filter on Instagram. Your files are encoded utilizing a strong AES – 256 bit file encryption. This way your files will always be safe.

Most likely you will find better options if you’re a small company owner. JustCloud’s privacy and backup arranging functionality is sort of restricted to very fundamental features. You can’t assign user roles or manage several backup sets.

JustCloud Cost


One can see JustCloud pricing in the above figure. Through which you can choose the plan as per your need.

Upload Files Limit of 5 GB

Talking about upload limit. In the past versions of JustCloud, they limited the quality to a few mb within the standard configuration which brought lots of people to negative reviews as this option was hidden within the preference menu. Lots of people didn’t learn about might thought they were supported correctly but rather they lost files because files bigger than a few mb have been excluded. Fortunately, JustCloud change might enables files of just one GB in dimensions to become supported instantly. You can buy upgrading to improve the quality limit to five GB.

Copying files from the JustCloud

It’s very simple to get together with JustCloud’s backup software. The very best navigation menu from the client provides you with quick access to any or all the key features you may expect from the cloud backup service: you are able to click on the backup button to choose files for backup or make use of the drag and drop feature if you need to simply save an essential file towards the cloud. If you want to view your files or inform a backup selection you are able to click my files and take a look at everything you’ve supported before.

Whenever you hit the backup button you can begin together with your final selection should you haven’t supported before. If you’ve already selected your files JustCloud will begin copying immediately. If you wish to adjust or modify your file selection go to Configurations and select Manual Selection. Within the file tree you are able to choose or deselect files for backup.

Overall, we believe individuals are lots of steps to change your backup selection. We’d have loved to determine a far more quick access for your files along with a more intuitive method to perform alterations in your backup (for instance growing the quality limit). Go Signup with JustCloud Today.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah is B.E passed out. He loves to write and do experiments with online tools, software, and games. He is an expert tech writer for 10+ years. He is a part-time scientist as well. Eating, and being online at night is what he usually does.


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