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Security Camera Free Cloud Storage With ADrive

Are you someone looking for Security Camera Free Cloud Storage? ADrive presents a cloud solution to all its customers who want to have a backup of their important information as well security camera storage. It protects and manages all the personal and enterprise-level data with its backup plans and cloud storage solutions. If your personal computer does not have space to store more or if you do not want to lose important data ADrive is there for help. The data you save here is going to stay secure even if there are hardware failures.

The unique features which ADrive provides to its users are excellent. It is secure and follows the best cryptography protocol for security. It supports large files and allows the transfer of files of 16 GB.

Save Your Security Camera Storage in cloud

Features Of ADrive:

  • It offers its customers to store up to 50 GB of data on cloud storage without charging anything. It is also capable of meeting your further requirements of storing data online.
  • Documents can be edited and files can be shared anytime from wherever you want. Large files can also be shared online and data can be accessed from wherever you want. It is convenient to use, only an internet connection is required.
  • Files are transferred using SCP, STF, and Rsync. SSH keys are used for secure access to files.
  • The application of ADrive is now available on your smartphones also so that you can access data easily.
  • It is easier to look for a specific file or directory. A search tool is provided to the users to look for their files.

How To Save Your Security Camera’s Storage in ADrive:

You can record, store, and access CCTV footage separately. You can also group the Cloud by site, in any format or sites you wish to view, record, and store.

Use the credentials you have created at setup to log into your camera. Click on the “Configuration”, then click on “Storage in the navigation tree at the left of the page. Switch to “Cloud Storage” by clicking on the “Storage Manager” sub-menu. Select “ADrive” from the drop-down menu.

Now enter your credentials of ADrive.

Download ADrive Now

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Security Of ADrive:

Security is the main concern of ADrive because users may store secret valuable information online. ADrive is secure for the following reasons:

  • Whenever you transfer your data to and from the online loud storage the data is encrypted. SSL encryption is used to encrypt the data so that the files can be transferred without any interruption.
  • Users can also use a password to protect the files which are publicly shared. This prevents your files from others.
  • ADrive provides you the facility of retrieving your old files. They have a file history feature that takes snapshots of the files every Sunday. Hence you can recover any file if you deleted it by mistake.

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Customer Care Service:

You might get stuck while using the cloud data storage facility provided by ADrive but the customer care service of ADrive is there to help you with your problems.

  • Customers can contact the service centers whenever they face any technical difficulty.
  • The customer care executives are available on the phone, emails, and chats and hence can be found easily in case of any problem.
  • The website has a column of FAQs which means Frequently Asked Questions which can clear most of your doubts and solve your problems.

These facilities are available only for members who have an account on ADrive. Hence, you need to register first for technical assistance from representatives.

The services provided by ADrive are much better than the other cloud storage service providers. It is trustworthy. In case you doubt about investing your money here you can try out the 50 GB of free data storage facility it provides and save your Security Camera’s Storage here.

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Sahil Shah
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