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Download TinyTake For Windows

TinyTake is a complete application when the matter is to capture the image on your computer screen, whether static or not. Figures showing something a little video tutorial, all that can be created quickly and free of charge with this program appears on your PC or.

It can be accessed either from the Windows notification area or by means of keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts always useful to save time when making anything with a program like this can be changed in settings TinyTake.

Capture full screen, an active window, a specific piece of screen or webcam-shaped figure or the stand video with audio – all this is offered by this program. And after taking the screenshot can be modified with the addition of arrows, text, circles and other elements to give emphasis to something.

All captured

This program provides resources to capture still images and videos. At first, you can capture the entire screen, the active window at the time, an excerpt from the desktop manually selected with a clever auxiliary or, finally, a picture of the webcam.

The video part of the TinyTake offers video capture from the screen or from your webcam. On the screen, you also define the exact amount to be filmed with a clever auxiliary passage, facilitating the definition of the measures. Remember that the application supports audio capture that moment.

In both cases, you can make notes on the images to highlight a particular element. In addition, you can display snippets using arrows, circles or other geometric shapes that help to transform the screenshot and let him best suited to their needs.

History and sharing

The TinyTake still has a specific function to share the images you capture. The program sends the image to your account Mango Apps, developer of the application, and then you receive a direct link to the image and can share it on the web at will.

Besides all this, you can access a history of catches to see everything that was recently created with TinyTake. It is a more convenient way to access that content without having to dig through folders in Windows.


TinyTake is a great program for providing various functions very simply with effective and easy to use tools. And everything is well organized in an understandable menu, plus, of course, there is the practicality of using keyboard shortcuts to get to everything – good points that highlight the application.

Admittedly, even in current versions, the tool captures the Windows screen is very poor – no accident there is a lot of gender programs offered free for you to download. The TinyTake one of those applications that is able to deal with basically any need for simpler capture.

If you want to create tutorials with images or videos, simply use the tools offered by him for this, as the annotation. Several of them, all well distributed in the editing screen interface are. In short, the TinyTake is an organized program, something very important for an application full of features.

Download TinyTake For Windows

Download TinyTake For Windows

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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