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In the not too distant future, humans created robots to kill many others – and the targets were enemies in general. The problem is that these machines were really good in this role murder.

Thus, more and more robots have been created, which resulted in an increasing number of dead humans. The slaughter was so great that the world become dominated by only synthetic intelligences, no person to tell the story of what happened.

Due to this lack of targets, the robots began to get bored – after all, they were bred to kill and there was none that could be killed. However, a little misunderstanding has led to a fight between machines and ready: battles between them were created and never ended.

Now, the world is dominated by explosions and fires pieces!

You are in the middle of shooting!

Like the reality described above? Well it turns out this is the scenario Blastron, a war game in the third person, based on actions done in shifts and made available through Facebook. You will embody a small robot that is involved in this giant war – and it will be necessary to use a lot of strategy in order to win your enemies.

The game format is very similar to other games of the same genre as the old Gunbound, for example. You get the same scenario as their enemies, having the ability to move and shoot them within your own turn, which is not enough to last for two whole minutes.

All rounds are played with other people via your internet connection, and you can be alone or compose a team. In addition, battles have a predefined duration and earns the player or team with more points at this time – and of course this is done by destroying opponents robots.

Go improving who you are

Depending on your performance in your battles, you will earn pieces that are being counted as money – they are at the top right of your window. Thus, there is a possibility you go to the store and buy new “armor” for your character, and this increases protection against explosions, giving more chances of survival.

Blastron also has two systems to make your shopping easier. The first is to raffle giveaways, something that can be done in 8 in 8 hours – you will win random prizes like special weapons and abilities difficult to buy. Finally, there are deals that lower the price of the items you want, and it happens every day.


Before anything, it is necessary to state that tests Blaster were surprisingly positive. A quality jumping quickly to the eye is the fact that the developers have created a title rich in plot details, showing that they bother to deliver a “well done” product.

The graphics are beautiful, with very detailed cartoon style, full of different colors, highlights and shadows. This leaves the game with an aspect of very cute cartoon, preventing you from getting tired of ugly scenarios or poorly written characters – a feature which should be present in any game, but it is not.

And only gets better …
The controls are really simple, since they all focus on the mouse. Thus, children of all ages and even adults who are not accustomed to online titles can evolve without major problems. This quality also prevents you spend hours trying to understand what must be done.

Another positive point is systems to accelerate the evolution of character, because these features prevent you feel bored when trying to achieve a goal. They also operate as secondary “targets” that distract and entertain the player.

Already Blaster game system, which is similar to the other titles, it’s cool to be familiar to many players. This point, together with what has been described above, results in a very nice game and it works without problems within their own proposal. Chances are that you spend a few hours trying to destroy all the robots opponents. Have fun!

Download Blastron

Download Blastron

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah is B.E passed out. He loves to write and do experiments with online tools, software, and games. He is an expert tech writer for 10+ years. He is a part-time scientist as well. Eating, and being online at night is what he usually does.


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