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Download Bullzip PDF Printer For PC (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP)

The Bullzip PDF Printer is a freeware program with which you can create high quality PDF files from any printable application. The tool can also merge PDF files and watermarked.

If you can print a file as text, graphics or other, then you can save it as a PDF you also. Bullzip PDF Printer is thus installed as a printer driver and want to export any view as a PDF, then goes through the print dialog. Just the “Printer” Bullzip PDF Printer Select and off you go. Now, instead of printing, a print dialog in which we can specify many options open. And there are a whole lot of practical features.

Bullzip PDF Printer: save PDF files

Usually the Bullzip PDF Printer already provides download directly after installation very good results. But of course, they can also adjust yet. For this purpose, the Start menu, among other things, the menu item Options Bullzip PDF Printer furnishings. In addition to many special features, we can also adjust the output quality here. Ranging from a standard quality on screen output and e-books, through to prepress. So one can thus produce PDF files and even pass it on to printing plants for any purpose.

In this dialog, we can also assign a password protection, provide our PDF file with watermark stamp or add digital signatures. But usually we only see a simple window held with basic functions.

To create now with the Bullzip PDF Printer Free from any application a PDF file, it must have a print dialog. One must therefore normally can also print on paper. If this is the case, the use of the program is quite simple. First we select the source program that we want to print. Mostly we can do the same with the key combination Ctrl + P to start. Instead of the default printer we now simply choose Bullzip PDF Printer. This opens the top to be seen window. There we can still make various settings related to the file name and location or activate special functions. Shortly afterwards, we have our PDF file on the hard drive!

Bullzip PDF Printer: Merge PDF Files

Even the free Bullzip PDF Printer can already some things that you miss at other programs of this kind. One of these features is the merging of PDF files. Here, the tool proceeds always gradually. We can not as such as in PDF shapers together at a stroke equal to a number of PDF files, but always the most current file as a PDF file with another from sticking together.

This must be thought so: We have an existing PDF file and want another file follows, for example, then. So we open the second file in your editor. So about a Word file in Word. Now we call on the Print dialog box and select Printer as the Bullzip PDF Printer. In the following window we can see the tab Merge. There we can attach PDF Select a PDF file and to decide whether it should be at the end or beginning of the PDF file now. So whether it is before or after the current file. If we save now, the Bullzip PDF Printer glued the two files together in the desired order. We can now repeat with other files.

Installation Note for Bullzip PDF Printer

Most of these PDF printer driver bring all necessary drivers and libraries, they need to work. Bullzip PDF Printer but relies on some open source libraries. Are on the target computer does not already exist, the setup detects.

Then we see the above window during installation. There, all parts are already marked, which must additionally download and install the setup from the Internet. These libraries are clean and free. They can be safely leave on their computers!

Download Bullzip PDF Printer

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Sahil Shah
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