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AutoCAD Architecture 2015 For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

AutoCAD Architecture has everything to be the best friend of professionals in the field of architecture. Leaner and more objective than the traditional AutoCAD, it presents a number of interesting and quite specific to the design of buildings tools (such as a series of walls, windows and simple furnishings ready for use). Its interface follows the classic of Autodesk products, being fully displayed in dark colors and style menus organized in tabs.

The software came with a series of sample projects and help that may be useful for novice users documents. Forward to the ease of operating the Architecture, we risk even say he is a perfect program for autodidacts who want to draw plans for fun.

Apart from textbooks written by Autodesk team, you can also find a number of instructive in English that have the latest features implemented in software videos. Incidentally, it is worth noting that the Architecture 2015 has no support for Portuguese – however, if you have minimal knowledge of English, be able to understand it without problems.

There are those who work with technical drawings and have never used (or at least heard about) the AutoCAD software for professional use developed and marketed by Autodesk.

Considered the “Photoshop for engineers”, the program is in fact the most comprehensive tool for creating product design, three-dimensional models, blueprints and other graphic designs of greater complexity.

AutoCAD Architecture, in turn, is a special version of AutoCAD which features traditional enhancements and unique features designed specifically for professionals in the field of architecture. It allows experts to design buildings and create realistic renderings of his designs in three dimensions – which you can use to show your prospects.

How To Download AutoCAD Architecture

There are three official ways to download the trial version of AutoCAD Architecture 2015. By clicking on our download link, you will be redirected to the official website of the tool and you should choose the method that suits you to start downloading the installer program. The options are as follows:

Install now: the most common alternative and recommended by Autodesk. You will first download a 15 MB manager that will download and install AutoCAD Architecture 2015 on your computer;
Download now: option similar to the “Install Now”, but uses Autodesk Download Manager (universal loader that can be used for all the company’s products) to download the software installer;
Download with browser: less reliable method because downloads the full installer through the rescue files from your own browser engine.

Finally, after finishing downloading the installer (regardless of the method chosen), you can begin the installation of Architecture and select the option to activate it for free for thirty days. If you want, you can also install with Autodesk 360, add-on whose duties will explain later.

Resources for professionals

As noted earlier, AutoCAD Architecture is a slightly modified version of the original AutoCAD – ie, those who have mastered the capabilities of conventional software will have difficulties to operate this special edition. The tool lets you draw walls, doors and windows with ease, entering notes and generating 2D elevations from floor plans.

The 2015 edition brings a host of new features to help further the work of students and professionals already working in the field of architecture. Became simpler, eg, search, download and view custom styles before adding any object in its technical design. Another addition that will please users is the visual comparison between two or more versions of the same project, which are represented by different colors.

Collaborative work via the cloud

One of the coolest new features of version 2015 AutoCAD Architecture are their collaborative features targeted for group work. It is now possible, for example, notify your team members on a new version of the architectural project in which you are working, allowing them to visualize the changes you have made.

Likewise, you can now make changes to a project coeditado through a private copy of itself, without affecting the rest of your group.

Just like every other company’s products, AutoCAD Architecture 2015 features full compatibility with the Autodesk 360 official service that allows you to synchronize your files and settings in the cloud and retrieve them from any computer by simply logging into your account.

It also provides further experience in the field of group work, enabling the storage and exchange of documents and / or information between members of your team through cloud servers maintained by Autodesk itself. It is worth noting that this service is completely free.

AutoCAD Architecture 2015

AutoCAD Architecture 2015

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