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CCleaner Cloud Download For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8 And Mac)

Cloud CCleaner is a tool that allows you to use the features of the famous CCleaner remotely. You can connect multiple computers and apply the changes at a distance. Its main function is to remove system tracks by deleting temporary files, cookies, browser history and information left after uninstalling software.

To use the tool, simply click on the link at the top of the page and access the registration area. After creating your account and confirm receipt of the email, you need to download the client on each PC you want to connect. On the site you can download using your login and password or generate a unique installer for your account.

Remote monitoring

In addition to all the options provided by the remote cleaning with CCleaner Cloud you can also monitor all connected PCs. You can check the CPU usage, memory consumption, run process optimization and control programs that run at startup.

CCleaner Cloud lets you connect up to three computers in a single account. If you want to increase this number, you must purchase the plans for paid professionals or companies.

Full scan

As in other versions, the main function of CCleaner is still the elimination of unnecessary content that are maintained by the operating system. As for cleaning, it is performed in both Windows features as in the dirt held by other software that are installed on the machine.

The program can also identify programs that are installed on the machine so you can manage them in a practical way and without complications. They appear separated into categories such as programs started with the operating system (you can even define which of them will continue to run with Windows to load), and there is the possibility to see the restore points have already been created – and which are extremely useful if something wrong will happen to your computer.

Windows logs and browsers

The operating system records are also on the list of things that CCleaner can help keep order. With this feature you are able to make minor corrections to the database, how to eliminate remnants of uninstalled programs.

The service also offers the opportunity to manage the plug-ins installed in browsers, and provides maintenance of cookies intelligently, avoiding headaches and loss of data, such as typed emails, saved passwords and other information.


Review Of CCleaner Cloud

CCleaner Cloud is an interesting service that brings together all the functionality with powerful program and the possibility of using the resources remotely on up to three machines from anywhere. With a quick registration and a simple installation system, the tool does not require advanced knowledge to take advantage of all the major features.

Despite being online, you need to install a client on your PC to connect, and that application needs to run all the time on the machine you want to access. It’s incredibly easy to do: If you use the custom download link for your account, just download, install and authorize the app without any advanced configuration is needed.

Easy to use, but carefully

Although anyone can use CCleaner Cloud, much attention is required. This is because the service has multiple cleaning options and advanced optimization that can change important things on the machine. The scheduled cleanings, however, are safe since they do not remove personal or system files.

As well as any program that makes changes to the system, CCleaner Cloud needs to be used carefully. Many actions can jeopardize the correct operation of a specific program or machine, so the ideal is that this service is used by those who have at least average knowledge in the subject. For those already familiar such as CCleaner, there is no secret.

Advanced features

It can monitor various computer activities, such as programs that start with Windows and processes started with multiple applications. Like CCleaner, CCleaner Cloud allows you to clean it deeply, taking any record of apps you no longer wish to start with the PC – in native settings, you can just disable it.

This and other advanced features make this a great service, which promises quite optimize your PC – and fulfills this task. In the first use was possible to clear more than 2 GB of disk electronic trash and leave the boot much faster machine.

Remote changes

Do it remotely is the great flagship of CCleaner Cloud. You do not have to worry about the machine slowly, since you can schedule or perform these procedures when you are away. However, if there is anyone using the PC, it has proved very effective in testing, leaving the locked operation.

This service is a good solution for companies – the IT department can monitor and make improvements in the machines remotely without the employee need to stop what you’re doing. Regular use of CCleaner Cloud  makes your computer faster and free of unwanted files.


  • Easy to install
  • Same style program for Windows
  • Remote Control
  • Monitoring PCs
  • Clear completed


  • It allows you to connect only three computers
  • Requires registration with confirmation

Download CCleaner Cloud

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