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WinAce Download For Windows PC / Laptop

WinAce is a proprietary company of the same name in Germany, which also acted as the creator of another well-known compressor – Ace. Seeking a custom software acquired popularity in the world by a whole range of outstanding features and capabilities in the field of file compression and speed of data processing. However, the creators not only attended to the qualitative characteristics of compression, but paid much attention to the development of an intuitive interface with support for multiple languages. Because of this, even inexperienced users will not meet significant problems in mastering the skills of working with this application.

The main advantage of the utility – a quality compression and decompression of almost all files. Also within WinAce implemented a range of various service functions. Since the application is capable of creating both traditional and multivolume archives, as well as self-extracting option. Having based their work innovative compression algorithms, WinAce operates at maximum speed with minimum errors.

Key Features Of WinAce

In automatic mode, it identifies the vast majority of popular formats, providing not only their decompression, but also read, edit, view. The software product works with its own format, which feature is the ability to create solid archive.

Also within WinAce there is support for ISO-disk image. Multi-volume archives can be created in several extensions at the same time the user can set the desired size of the generated volume. Due to this, the user can save the required data in the most appropriate format. Another option program, which is difficult to overestimate, is the ability to generate self-extracting volumes. Now you can open them on any device, regardless of whether there is a set of reading and decompressing utility or not.

To ensure maximum protection of user data, the software uses the latest encryption system with the involvement of the most powerful algorithms. Available patronage through personal e-signature.


Advantages Of WinAce

  • The powerful compression algorithms
  • Ability to view data
  • Qualitative data encryption
  • Integration with command line
  • Checking the contents of the virus through the establishment of appropriate software

Disadvantages Of WinAce

  • License fee
  • No support for RAR
  • The large size of the distribution
  • High compression ratio
  • Poor performance

WinAce Download

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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