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VideoCharge Download For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8)

VideoCharge – one of the popular programs among themselves combined application for editing and converting media files. The program was developed by VideoCharge Software. To study and evaluate the possibilities of this software, you can free download VideoCharge.

Especially popular this application uses webmasters who work with video, but its functionality will be useful to the average user, who needs to make adjustments to the video. Installation and operation of the application are simple enough to be under the power of even a beginner.

With this application the user can make adjustments to an existing video file, and create your own with options to cutting and connecting frames, fragments. It is worth noting that the need to create a single file several different parts the user can save all the pieces in one session, which significantly saves time spent on processing of video. A similar feature is implemented in VidCrop.

At the same time, the client with the help of the convector in the software will be able to reformat virtually any video format to the required format to the user thanks to a large base of existing codecs.


For those who appreciate his work and protects their copyright will certainly be an interesting option to add text, logo or watermark over the image. To do this, select the video file, which will be added to the above-mentioned item, call the appropriate function, load the logo or prescribes text, specify its location on the screen, check the final result and save. It’s very simple and easy.

If the user wants to create a screenshot or it requires a certain frame of the whole video stream, then it is no problem for this program. With built-in media player, you need to select the desired scene or frame to create a screenshot, check the result and save it. At the same time, users will be able to apply before saving the image to a new menu available filters or special effects, and make other adjustments. All these functions can be performed in one go. The client does not waste time loading and saving intermediate results, which not only speeds up the process, but also saves space on the hard drive of unnecessary, job options.

Despite the very rapid popularization of miniature gadgets, the classic DVD discs for a long time will be needed. With this software, users can record, rip DVD, edit, and convert data in a format VOB, IFO.

For those who need the program performance of the standard set of options that will be the presence of a master, which greatly simplify the work. In order to develop more effective work by formatting and creating video and screenshots, you need only download VideoCharge.

Features Of VideoCharge

  • Creating thumbnails of videos.
  • Add watermarks to an image or a whole video.
  • Image editing, either affecting the quality or content.
  • Video editing , you can cut, paste, edit audio, insert scenes.
  • Creating web pages with HTML edits.

VideoCharge Download

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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