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VirtualDubMod Download For Windows PC

VirtualDubMod – one of the most popular programs for complex processing various formats of video, which is developed by a team of authors VirtualDubMod Team. Rate opportunities and the quality of the application is possible if VirtualDubMod download and install on the workstation.

Many people unfamiliar with this program, the users of its name is associated with a senior brother in the series videoobrabatyvayuschy software – VirtualDub. But unlike the “older” age relative to this by the presence of changes in the menu structure (much more features), as well as the possibility of simultaneous work with two or more audio streams and subtitles in several channels. At the same time, setting up and installing applications remain simple and unpretentious.

The competitive advantage of the complex tools for editing video files is as follows:

– Fast and qualitative study of a large number of multimedia formats;

– Simultaneous study of multiple audio tracks.

With this software, a lover of his own footage, filmed on a conventional digital video camera, can create a high-quality work of cinematic art. Easy to understand interface, clear and simple command buttons help you quickly handle almost any amount of video.

With the ability to work with individual staff, as well as with certain fragments of the user can be applied to a certain area of ​​video special effects and filters that do not violate the integrity of the whole picture.


Running preview options can immediately evaluate and adjust the result to get the desired result. At the same time, you can now edit not only the graphical representation of the video, but its soundtrack. For basic audio track can upload an audio file that can serve as background music or voice overs contrary to reverse the file. If for some reason the user does not have enough time to finish the job, he can create a file comment or audio track, which in the future will help you not to miss the necessary additions and details.

Particular attention should be paid to functionality that allows you to work with subtitles. The user may at its discretion as to exclude from the current movie subtitles, make them correct and they did replace or add another one on the same or another language.

In the presence of the program on the user’s workstation, in other applications, the need to work with video data will not be. For the convenience of working with this software can be downloaded VirtualDubMod of the interface, in the menu which will sort out simple.

VirtualDubMod Download

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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