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Download Viber for PC – how it works

Whatsapp, Skype and Viber. And the latter has finally managed on the PC. Viber for Windows brings a mobile app on the computer!

Whatsapp has replaced the SMS worthy. Skype has brought the Internet telephony to your computer and all smartphones. But Viber creates as WhatsApp alternative the connection between cell phone number, and Windows PC. When Viber App you have to login with his cell phone number. This is in a way the user. The same number you can now also specify on the PC as an identifier and henceforth derives Viber without problems Internet calls also to the computer on. And as can be seen quickly, it works amazingly well.

Install and set up Viber for PC

The installation of Viber on Windows is straightforward refreshing. First, you charge Viber for Windows Download. It is a web installation that recharges the required elements from the Internet after the start. If the firewall so make trouble, you have to create an exception here. But this one will later have to do anyway, since Viber, after all, has to go to the internet.

After the installation begins directly the configuration. principle, the PC version of Viber parallel use App. The user needs definitely a phone that was already installed on the Viber. Because, at the mobile app, the activation code will be sent.

For this reason, we must be entered directly after the installation of our cell phone number. Then, the provider sends a four-digit activation code to the Viber app. The connection between cell phone account and the Viber is created on the PC. This code will need to enter Viber for Windows to activate Viber and connect with our existing account.

After the code has been received and entered correctly, Viber is theoretically ready to start. Theoretically, because was not tested during the initial setup, if a hardware is available that would ever allow us to Internet telephony. If a headset is connected? Or is there just a couple of speakers but no microphone? In this case, you could at least use the chat. To use the telephony features of Viber on Windows, you should get a headset. Otherwise, Viber for Windows is nothing more than a chat program. But at least one that we can use on the computer and on the phone at the same time.

Download Viber for PC

Download Viber for PC

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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