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UsbFix Free Download For PC (Windows Xp, 7, 8, 8.1)

These days removable drives or USB media are widely used in performing everyday tasks, yet they are the main victims of malware infection, which can be harmful. To prevent this danger, there are programs like UsbFix. It consists primarily of removing all infections spreading through removable media or usb drivers. In case of infection, it is strongly recommended to seek help from experienced people on the forum Virus / Security.

How To Repair With Usbfix

Even though you might have completely removed all traces of infection on your computer, the program restores in damaged security features such as access to the registry and task manager, and the display of hidden files, and much more.

usbfix for pc download


Even if the program proceeds to the complete removal of all traces of infection in removable disks, backup it still remains in folders and files. As an illustration, the registry is stored in C: \ UsbFix \ Backup before cleaning, and even deleted files are under the extension C: \ UsbFix \ Quarantine.

Prevention of future reinfection:

UsbFix serves not only cleans infections, it also helps to prevent possible reinfection. Indeed, it creates autorun.inf files in drives to protect against other infections that may occur in the future.

System Requirements for Usbfix:

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 32 & 64 bit.

Hard Drive: 2 MB

For Your information:
UsbFix may be detected as an infection by some antivirus, it is a false positive. You need to temporarily disable your antivirus before working with this software.

In fact, the source code of UsbFix changes regularly (Evolution), which makes it difficult the removal of false positives antiviral solutions.


The program is efficient.
It is free to download.
It is in French.
This is the latest version (always update itself).


This software is sometimes detected incorrectly as malware. Temporarily disable your antivirus, before time of disinfection.

How To Download Usbfix software on your PC:

Click the download button below to usbfix download on your PC or laptop.


Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah is B.E passed out. He loves to write and do experiments with online tools, software, and games. He is an expert tech writer for 10+ years. He is a part-time scientist as well. Eating, and being online at night is what he usually does.


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