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7 Best Android Antivirus Apps (Lightweight) for 2017

Choosing a good antivirus for Android is not a decision that can be taken lightly and we must have the highest level of information to take . This is due to the ever Рincreasing malware that seeks to engage users in Google operating system for mobile. Therefore, we are here with the study that teaches us what is the best Android antivirus with updated data earlier this 2017. The myth saying that this operating system is a nest far behind and viruses. But beware, i want to say that there are still some,  and for the same reason we have developed the best list with virtually the best Antivirus for Android free for Mobile and Tablet .

  1. eScan Tablet Security

eScan Tablet Security is another recommended antivirus application if we forget about viruses, malware, trojans and other security threats.

This application scans your device in real time and thus, can provide protection against malware, Trojans and other security threats cyber attack at any moment. Automatically, every time you download a new application or file, go through their analysis and thus always keep your mobile or Android device, free of threats.

With eScan Tablet Security you will also access a parental control that provides enhanced security for mobile. In addition it categorizes and detects web sites the user visited when using the default Android browser , and blocks phishing web sites that you are infected and in real time. It also restricts access to all other browsers installed on the device.

This application also has a control application that blocks access to applications, although this can cancel if so indicated. If we do nothing, every time you download an application that is blocked by default, and can take only if we introduce access password antivirus.


If you download the app, you can schedule scans automatically, so every time I have set the device will stop what you are doing and start doing an analysis of the device for “junk” or a virus.

It also has a i nterface designed in a simple and elegant way that makes intuitive and easy navigation so that within seconds you solve any problem . Also it requires less memory to operate so that not affect the performance of our device.


2. Zemana Mobile Antivirus

Nothing download this virus, you’ll see as it begins to automatically explore the applications you’ve installed recently.

It is also capable of s incronizar with threats database updated to keep you protected against the latest threats against applications or infected, were repaired, and an update again have resulted infected.


Zemana also detects malicious applications capture keyboard and avoiding password managers to record everything you write.

With this application you can stay worry-free. If a threat that is impossible to eliminate arises, this application engineers will connect to your Android device and clean up the infection.


3. Bullguard

Bullguard is known as one of the most effective antivirus among many for Android and we witness that it is.

This application, once downloaded, start working automatically  stopping viruses, spyware, adware and trackware , with live updates from the cloud.

With this you warrant that your Android mobile or tablet are always protected against possible threats that arise when we surf the Internet. It also has many other functions such as being able to automatically lock the device if the SIM is removed, with the option to delete the data.


Bulluguard having installed, you can also make a backup with a single touch and protect all your data.


4. Metadefender

If you do not know whether or not your Android device is unsafe or likely to be infected by a virus, Metadefender the guesswork out of your mobile security and performance. This application gives you the tools to assess and manage the status of health, safety and privacy of your smartphone or tablet.

Security options change every now and keep them updated is complicated so that Metadefender does a quick check of the configuration common security and gives a report that includes your “Security Level”, information on security issues on your device, and clear instructions on how to fix them . You will not need antivirus you have other payment or to be an expert to know that your mobile is safe.


In addition,  Metadefender also provides a health report with instructions to correct stability problems as getting enough free memory or whether your operating system is out of date.


5. Clean Master

This is one of the latest antivirus that we could try for Android devices, and the truth is that not only protects us from external threats, but also makes effective cleaning of everything we “spare” and that ultimately we are concerned memory space, causing not only the battery last less, but may even slow down the speed of our smartphone and tablet making it less functional.

Easy to install, once we open it and start analyzing all the terminal seeking first of all that cache and files that do nothing but take up space and the fact it is that in this function optimizer works swimmingly, as it is easy to apply and is especially pretty fast.


As for his role as antivirus may not be as powerful as others, basically because not born with that function while many use the application to detect these junk files that are stored on the device, and yes they can be a threat if they are hidden behind a virus.


6. TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security

TrustGo is an application with a philosophy. The developers have talked about how the application from the ground up for mobile protection against mobile threats and that this application has built. It has the basic functions such as the functions scanning device to search existing threats, the real – time protection, and ensure that privacy so alert permissions are activated when run new applications you have installed is saved .


However, not include secondary characteristics as a system administrator, or functionality “find my phone” or to back up your data if needed. It is not as complete as some of these competitors, but in no way is a “lightweight”. It is also 100% free.


7. Dr. Web

Dr. Web is a known antivirus program started as a simple antivirus application and has exploded as one of the most complete antivirus applications on mobile. It has exploration and analysis system completely based on the amount of time you have and provides real – time protection against antivirus and antimalware .


It also provides real – time protection for external SD card against autorun applications and other miscellany that can infect our micro-card. It also has anti-spam features, a lot of anti-theft features (including remote locking, personalized messages remotely, and remote wipe), a corrector of clouds, and even firewall support. It is a powerful tool antivirus app that many already enjoy.


Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah is B.E passed out. He loves to write and do experiments with online tools, software, and games. He is an expert tech writer for 10+ years. He is a part-time scientist as well. Eating, and being online at night is what he usually does.


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