Streamripper for Winamp 1.64.6 Free Download

Streamripper for Winamp is a plugin for Winamp that lets you capture and record audio from popular player, for example, radio shows or any type of streaming, and then pass it to the hard drive in MP3 format.

The application is very easy to use as it operated simply to record the record button. As a necessary requirement, obviamenente, have installed Winamp .The latest version also supports the player AIMP.

Streamripper for Winamp 1.64.6 Download

It stores information related to the environment that is being recorded, as the station name and the program being broadcast, or the song being recorded.

Streamripper for Winamp 1.64.6 is the latest version of this software, updated in April 2009. It is totally free .

Streamripper for Winamp 1.64.6 Free Download

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