Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer Free Download

* Memory Booster tablet version is available in Android Market! *

Memory Accelerator is a powerful tool for optimization of RAM designed especially for mobile users Andriod. It is designed to help users to solve the problems of memory management of Android phone, and through ordering memory fragmentation, memory leaks repaired because some application processes recolecciona garbage, this should help to free the memory, accelerate the speed of the system and save energy.

1. Report and monitor the status of memory on time.
For timely updates graphs, Memory Accelerator displays the total memory and current free and has used.
Performance objectives 2.Establecer
Threshold is set to auto optimization accelerator available memory will remain above the threshold, and optimize memory immediately when the threshold is low.
3.A click for quick optimization.
In addition to automatic optimization function, the Memory Accelerator also lets you quickly optimize a click manually.
Automatic background 4.Optimización
Sets the time interval for automatic optimization, the accelerator will march in the background, it will automatically optimize the interval time set.
Android System 5.Energy
The accelerator is always looking system resources and wastes recoleccionará once alcanzca a head.
6.Y other
Other functions, such as Task Killer (task Murderer integrated) Maneger whitelist (whitelisting Management) optimization level management and log (record) of memory optimizción ect, all this will help boost the throttle to bring out more efficiently.

Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer

Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer Free Download

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