Download VLC Media Player For PC [Windows XP, 7, 8]

VLC Media Player – absolutely free and most functional among the free media player VLC player and includes the necessary codecs to work correctly, and seek to establish which moreover do not need.

VLC player to play any media files with a format like MKV, AVI, MPEG2 and others. VLC Media Player Free Download for Windows 7 x64 on the official website of VideoLAN without registering.

VLC Player can play damaged or not completely downloaded files and has a built-grabber, allows you to save streaming video. At this player fall skins (skins) from Winamp-2, which can be easily downloaded for free on the Internet, and the graphical toolkit built on Qt4.


It is worth noting the ability of VLC Media Player integrated into third-party applications, such as browsers and for Mozilla Firefox in VLC media player there is a free plugin. The ability to remotely control the player is done through interfaces such as telnet, HTTP, AJAX.


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