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Speccy is a program used to obtain detailed information about the various hardware components of the PC. Includes information on the CPU, RAM, motherboard (Motherboard), graphics card, hard drives, optical drives, sound, and other relevant information.

Speccy program to know everything about the hardware

The report generated by this tool you can get important information such as: the brand and model of the processor, the size and speed of the hard drive, amount of RAM, number of slots, operating system, version of “service pack” , and much more information.

Speccy Free Download
You can use this information for various reasons: to know, at the time of making a purchase, if the harwdare is compatible with the system, and whether the hardware purchased matches specified by the seller, and also to see if you need add more RAM according to the requirements of the software to install.

Speccy indicates the values for the temperature of the components disitintas, alerting in case of risk due to the poor condition of some of them.

Speccy 1.18 (1.18.379) was updated in September 2012, to catch up with the latest models, such as the Intel Core i7.

There is guaranteed to be created by the same company that introduced and other highly reliable software like C Cleaner and Recuva. Like them, this program can also be downloaded for free.

Works with Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32-and 64-bit), and in this latest version adds support for Windows 8.

Size: 4.5 MB.

Speccy-System Information Free Download

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