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Free Download Latest Version of iTunes 10.7

Latest version6.10 i-tunes

Now available is a new 2012 version, iTunes 10, the famous audio player (mp3 and several other formats). iTunes syncs with Apple portable devices like the iPod and iPhone, and now the iPad, allowing it to update the music files.

iTunes adds the main new addition of Ping, a social network dedicated to music that lets you know which friends and artists hear, and what songs and artists recommend. There is a tool called Genius, which automatically creates playlists by an analysis of the personal library of songs that are related. It is easy to use as it reaches one-click to interact with the application.

Free Download iTunes 10.7

In the Windows version offers the ability to buy music online in the same way and the same conditions that were already Mac users, with the same catalog of items, and a cost per song for 99 cents. In the new version, and you add the ability to buy movies online. They can be seen on the PC, but also from your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.

Version 9 had added support for books in PDF format, to synchronize the collection of e-books and documents between your PC or MAC and some of the aforementioned devices.

iTunes 10 is undoubtedly a great tool for playing and organizing media files. Its available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

iTunes 10.7 is the latest version, updated in September 2012, which among several highlights improvements interface changes, improvements and enhancements Ping performance and application stability.

This new update will allow the latest version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 6, and will allow you to sync with devices that are installed without using a cable necedidad through Wi-Fi. Adds support for the new iPhone 5.

The other big news of the iTunes version 10.6 is access to iCloud, a new service that will allow music and other content stored in the cloud, in a free space associated with each account.

For more information about how to install iTunes, syncing, creating playlists, and other questions that may arise, it has a series of video tutorials on Apple official site.

 Download iTunes 10.7

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Sahil Shah
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