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Process Explorer – Download As Task Manager Alternative

Are belong to that class of PC users, who is always aware of what information the Task Manager is giving to you and which process is running for what reason. Sometimes you might have encountered a situation in which such information is just not enough for you. True, you can see the process name, and estimated consumption of memory, but you can hardly find the path and drive where it is located, and that other threads may be depending on it. Knowing this is especially useful when some evil bug (virus etc.) or process has been installed on your computer. However, these same bugs have become so clever that just the presence of the Task Manager is not enough, and can cancel the Task manager easy as blowing out a candle. Moreover, some directly block access to it, making it look that was blocked by a system administrator.

process explorer

Think of a same situation that your Task manager is been blocked and you want to cancel some of unwanted process. And to this you need an alternative to the Administrator, and Process Explorer is a powerful software for this.

Process Explorer is a free software with an interface similar to Windows Explorer, it shows all active processes and tasks which are running on your PC at any given time. The interface shows you which applications are running and which files has been opened. The program incorporates a powerful search engine that can locate which process has some specific file open. This way you always have at your disposal detailed information about each active task on your PC and what amount of resources used by each one of them.

process explorer

Formerly part of a company called Sysinternals, which later was bought by none other than Microsoft, Process Explorer is available free of charge, and hardly takes space of two megabytes. After a brief presentation of his contract / license, the Process Explorer screen shows us the different processes, different in various colors. Just pass the cursor over any of them to see data such as the path and drive where the executable is located, plus a list of services that is related.

Download Process Explorer

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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