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Actually when we talk about our IP (internet protocol),  what we are referring to is your IP address. This address consists of four sets of numbers between 0 and 255 that uniquely identifies your computer on the Net.

The IP address is our passport of identity on the Internet. Each time we access any web page, we leave our presence on the server the page a little trace of us, which our IP address. That way if someone makes a wrong action on any website, such as leaving abusive messages in the comments, it is possible to physically identify the computer from which he performed the action.

ip chicken

So we came to know what is IP Address is all about. There are lots of other things as well to know about IP address. For example if you play online with a friend on a private server you need to know your IP address to make connection between you two. In addition to using the IP address is also possible to know from which country a connection is made.

Ip chicken is similar website through which you can know someone’s, or your own IP address. So in future if some ask for IP Address Look Up, or you may wonder what is my IP?, just put in Ipchicken.com in your browser and know your IP address instantly. It will also tell you what browser you are using, What is your remote port etc.

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