Only Google / Yahoo / MSN Websites Loading In Firefox, Chrome, IE (Solved)

Many of us or our friends have this problem and think its their internet or ISP problem, no matter which browser they uses they will only load Google homepage / Google related sites / Yahoo or MSN and nothing else. After doing some research and development I have come to the following solution to this problem. Its not a internet problem or browser glitch, its just small setting which will solve your problem.

It was internet options in the proxy server which cause the problem. I did the following solution and its done.

Procedure to do the solutions:

1) Go to your control panel.

2) Search for internet Options from search panel.

3) Click on Internet Options.

4) Go to connections.

5) Click on LAN Settings (as shown in figure)


6) Uncheck use a proxy server for your LAN options as shown in figure.


7) Check automatically detect settings if not checked.


Now check if all the browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari And internet explorer etc. working fine or not. Try to open different sites and check if they can open site properly.

In my case I have solved the case very effectively. If you have any problems please let us know in the comments section.

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