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Nevron Writer Download PC (Windows XP, 7, 8)

Nevron Writer is a text editor that serves as an alternative to Microsoft Word. In addition to offering all the features and functionality of competitor Nevron Writer manages to stand out by presenting great compatibility with different file types, and much more complete formatting features.

The text editor is free to try and easy to install. Nevron Writer provides a complete set of word processing and text editing features as well as support for popular text formats, including TXT, .rtf, .docx, .html, .pdf, among others.

Identical on Windows, Mac and online version

No more worries about losing formatting text or when changing machine, Nevron Writer is compatible with 100 different versions of Windows and Mac. Everything is converted faithfully, allowing you to continue your work on different computers.

In addition, compatibility also extends the online version, further increasing the possibilities of working. He began writing a text at home and needed to go to college? Open the online interface and keep writing.

Interface and organization

Soon after running the application, it opens the Home screen, displaying the list of options present in the application. This sector is divided into two spaces, and on the top there are shortcuts to open an existing document and the recently used files, and find the models provided by the suite.

Below are the options to open a new document, which can be text, a spreadsheet, a slideshow, a vector drawing a database or creating a formula. Basically, just choose the item you want to have it open on your screen in window size.

Regardless of the type of document with which you will handle the application screen provides the tools in cylindrical shape, divided into an upper menu, reminiscent of the style presented by Microsoft Office. Regarding the new generated file, the program supports several formats, including the latest adopted by the Office suite programs.

Features and tools

You can produce simple text or more complex, with diagrams, tables, indexes, cross references, numbering (both paragraphs and pages) and other resources.  Special documents such as letters, faxes, agendas and mailers can be made ​​with the help of special assistants. Formatted documents can be extended without the need to apply the same action several times.

Nevron Writer also has a spell checker in real time word Completer, tools for creating indexes, summaries, notes and others, the possibility of sending documents by email and tool for document conversion into web pages.


Review Of Nevron Writer

Who does not have access to Microsoft Office have to resort to other similar tools. In today’s market we have LibreOffice and LibreOffice, both featuring similar tools and interface.

Although serving the same purpose, these programs are constantly offering new features to differentiate in the area. Nevron Writer also bet on this strategy presenting a complete program, but with excellent compatibility with different formats and operating systems.

In addition to run smoothly on different versions of Windows and Mac, the Nevron Writer is also compatible with the online version. All this without displaying any changes to the text or formatting of the files.

Compatibility Test

At least during our tests, there were no problems as regards to open any document that was created in other office suites. Everything was always properly associated and presented in accordance on the screen. Moreover, no errors with special characters or accented letters.

Similarly, all the files of other suites were loaded quickly, which can be considered as a plus, since many programs are slow to load and to view the content.

Pros Of Nevron Writer

Visual familiar and well organized
Compatibility with different formats
No conversion issues for Windows, Mac and Online

Download Nevron Writer

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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