Adobe Media Player Free Download

Adobe Media Player is an application for viewing TV programs and series on the PC (via the Internet), which includes channels like CBS, MTV Networks, UMG, among others.

The interface is very attractive, and the loading speed of the videos is more than acceptable, and the fact of belonging to Adobe gives some assurance and an advantage over other streaming programs to watch TV, but if you opt for some software on offer “TV on demand”, Joost recommend.

Adobe Media Player Download

Supports the format FLV therefore streams videos from Youtube and other sites.

Adobe Media Player 1.7 is the latest version (April 2009), which is currently available only in English, and can be downloaded for free .

Requires Adobe AIR and if do not have one, while trying to download the Media Player will be noted that the Air is not installed and will be offered for download.

Adobe Media Player Free Download

Adobe Media Player Free Download

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