McAfee WaveSecure (Trial) For Android Free Download

The security of your data is very important, what makes us consider hazards that can run the data we have stored on our mobile devices. The increase of viruses and other malware plaguing the devices with the Android operating system has reached the point that McAfee, one of the largest companies in the field of computer protection, has released two applications that will help protect these devices:  McAfee WaveSecure and McAfee Mobile Security. It prevents your data from being stolen.

The main idea of McAfee Mobile Security is to protect all data on a device with Android system, either a tablet or a mobile. To protect the device ensure the program is responsible for analyzing the internal memory, SD memory card, applications and Internet downloads in real time.

Delete your data remotely so they can not be stolen.

McAfee Mobile Security includes an advanced search and tracking devices for recovery in case of theft or loss. And accompanying this two additional security methods that allow the user to block or delete device data remotely.

Download McAfee Mobile Security for Android, the best way to maintain the confidentiality of the data stored on your mobile device.


  • The trial protects your device for 7 days.
  • Requires Android 2.1 or higher.

NOTE: This is trial for 7 days to protects your smartphone. One the trial is over, you can Purchase a subscription from US$19.99/year.

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