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Intex Saltwater System Review And Usage System

The New and Improved Intex saltwater system is designed for Intex above-ground pools of up to 15,000 gallons. No need to need to store and handle chlorine tablets. Simply add the correct amount of salt to the pool, connect the Intex saltwater tank after the filter, and press the button. The Intex CG-26669 (26669EG), salt cell makes pure chlorine and releases it into the pool. Salt does not evaporate, so additional salt is needed to replace salt that has been lost through backwashing or splash out. Intex Salt System 26669 creates nascent oxygen molecules. This is a process known as Electro catalytic oxidation (or E.C.O.). For short. Combining continuous chlorine production with E.C.O. This Intex Saltwater Systems is superior to all other models and can operate at a lower level of chlorine.

Intex Saltwater System (Chlorine Generator) Features

    • The new casing is smaller than the previous models
    • LED displays output, buttons to Boost, Timer Lock, Lock, and Self-Clean
    • Status lights for Boost, Work, and Sleep modes
    • Low Flow, Low salt, or High Salt Service Diagnostic Lights
    • Simply push a button to easily increase or decrease chlorine output
    • 115V 3-Prong Cord with GFCI Protection included
    • Salt cell for self-cleaning with reverse polarity
    • 24 hours. Automatic timer clock built in
    • Connects to your Intex filter pumps of 800-3000 GPH size
    • Produces up 12 grams of pure chlorine every hour
    • Above ground pools up to 15,000 Gallons
    • Intex 26669EG Supersedes previous model 28669EG
    • 2-year Intex warranty

How Many Hours I need To Run Intex saltwater system To Clean My 4600 Gallon Pool?

It is different every day depending on no of swimmers, sun, heat, rain, sun tan oils and so on. There are many factors to determine how long to run the system. You should only worry about total chlorine. By testing your pool every day, you will quickly learn how long it takes to maintain the chlorine level. To help maintain the chlorine level, you should also add some stabilizer to your pool. These packs cost 1 pound for 5000gl. Normally you should run it for 9 to 12 hours.

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Sahil Shah
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