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Virtual Office Services – Best Affordable Virtual Workspace

Are you looking for the top Virtual Office service providers that offer both quality and value? If so, you are in the ideal location.

It might be quite difficult to locate the businesses that offer the greatest virtual services. Because of this, we compiled all the research we completed to identify the top virtual office service providers in this post.

Since we have listed the service providers below, we advise you to read the article all the way through.


It is one of the finest virtual office providers on our list and was founded in 2010, making it one of the youngest. WeWork was recognized as the top coworking office service provider in 2018 due to its impressive and quick growth.

It has expanded its service to more than 23 countries worldwide with the goal of providing spaces where businesses or individuals may collaborate and grow together.

It has provided a wide range of clients with a constant level of service, from startups to Fortune 500 listed firms.


The features that WeWork offers in their plans are listed below, and we’ve covered them all.

  1. customized workspaces available on demand.
  2. There are options ranging from a single desk to an entire floor.
  3. Specialized areas.
  4. You can obtain a short- or long-term office.
  5. A registered business address.

Cons vs Pros

The benefits and drawbacks of WeWork will be discussed in this section.


  • Microsoft is only one of the numerous firms that have trusted it.
  • A personal desk is also available.
  • versatile services


  • Only coworking spaces are available.
  • There isn’t a specific business address given.


There is no pricing information on their website, but I spoke with their customer care to provide you all the details, and I learned that a 6-month subscription will run you about $50 each month.

Virtual office by Opus

In order to increase the accessibility and affordability of the virtual office market, Opus Virtual Office was founded in 1997.

With more than 650 virtual office sites around the USA, it offers a comprehensive virtual office service.

And to help you realize your dream of growth, Opus Virtual Office offers you a variety of virtual office options in practically all well-known cities, like Chicago, Miami, New York, and others.


Opus Virtual Office offers all the features that the top virtual office providers must have.

Among its features are:

  • Live receptionist
  • Emails that serve as voicemails.
  • Reputable postal address
  • Phone and fax numbers for the company
  • Premium Transferring calls
  • A large selection of destinations.

Cons vs pros

We mentioned some of its incredible characteristics, right? Let’s now discuss Opus Virtual Office’s benefits and drawbacks in order to present facts objectively.


  • More than 650 offices.
  • For owners of small businesses, very affordable.
  • One software offers all virtual office services.


  • Customer opinions are negative.
  • The website interface is subpar
  • Pricing
  • They provide the entire service in a single package for about $99 per month. To help you understand it better, we have included a screenshot below.

Pricing for opus

Opus pricing


One of the top providers of virtual offices is Regus. It is presently one of the top companies offering virtual office services and has more than 30 years of experience.

It provides more than 3000 locations across the world with services including physical office space, co-working space, virtual offices, and conference rooms.


Regus has always placed a premium on customer satisfaction, which has earned it the trust of significant businesses like Disney, Airbnb, Spotify, and many more.

Characteristics Because of the outstanding features of their services, Regus is able to offer the highest quality service.

So let’s simply go through them now without further ado.

  • 24/7 customer support service.
  • a variety of office locations
  • Contact the receptionist.
  • workplace hybrids.
  • A prompt, credible business address
  • full administrative assistance.
  • The business phone number of professionals.
  • unlimited calls for business.

Cons vs pros

Because it discusses the advantages and disadvantages of their services, we advise you to carefully read this section.


  • a stunning and user-friendly website layout.
  • more than 3000 offices worldwide.
  • 24×7 client service.


  • comparatively inexpensive than other choices


    Regus provides three options that range in price from $12.30 to $67.30 per month, depending on your demands.

Plans for Regus virtual offices

Regus virtual office plans


Davinci virtual office, with its headquarters in Utah, the USA, was founded in 2006 and has experienced impressive development in a short period of time, all because of the high caliber of services they provide.

It offers a variety of services, including coworking spaces, personalized call receptionists, and more, to more than 40,000 clients in six different countries.

Davinci’s dedication to excellence is supported by its faith in originality and cutting-edge technologies. You might claim that their superior services set them apart from the competition.


Features All of the features that Davinci offers in its services are covered in this section.

  • There are more than 20,000 offices.
  • private conference rooms are offered as a service.
  • workplaces with all the amenities and services.
  • Call┬áservice.
  • In more than 300 countries, it has more than 5000 conference rooms.

Cons vs Pros

Without understanding the benefits and drawbacks of virtual office service, one may end themselves in serious problems. We have listed their advantages and disadvantages in this area as a result.

Selecting the finest virtual office providers without understanding the benefits and drawbacks may be quite risky. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of the Davinci virtual workplace as a result.


  • a user-friendly web interface
  • very reasonable
  • Instant workspace reservations.


  • fewer services are provided


    The cost and plans for Davinci depend on the office location you select. For instance, in Canada, this is their pricing structure when choosing a conference room.

Davinci virtual office plans


Sococo was founded in 2007, With the intention of offering more effective virtual office solutions with a distinctive interface.It has created its own collaborative platform, which resembles this, to eliminate all the physical distances.

One of the top virtual office providers, Sococo, has been highlighted in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and others.

Benefits Sococo offers the following fantastic features to remote offices.

  • online workplace.
  • a platform for collaboration.
  • remote classrooms.
  • a very striking office map.

Cons vs pros

Although their characteristics are great, you should also consider the positives and negatives listed below.


  • simple to use tool for cooperation.
  • A platform for a separate classroom.
  • A platform for a separate classroom.
  • a snapshot of a remote workplace in graphic form.

Cons of Sococo

The procedure for canceling accounts is terrible.


We have included the screenshot below to give you an idea of their price.

Sococo pricing

Virtual Alliance Offices

The greatest virtual offices for small enterprises are offered by Alliance virtual office, which was founded in 1992.

Alliance virtual offices have serviced more than 25,000 clients and delighted them with their exceptional services. They have more than 4000 conference rooms available internationally.

Alliance virtual office is committed to assisting your company’s growth by providing top-notch workspaces and cutting-edge technological infrastructure.

Alliance virtual office has established credibility and earned consumer confidence because to the remarkable features listed below.

  • worldwide sites for virtual offices.
  • actual receptionist
  • Exclusive business telephone number.
  • meeting spaces
  • places for hybrid coworking.
  • flexible working hours.

Cons and Benefits

Keep the aforementioned benefits and drawbacks in mind when you select the finest virtual office provider.


  • accessible in practically all major nations.
  • There is no limitation on workdays.
  • Trustpilot, it has a rating of 4.3 stars.


  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 nations are not eligible.
  • The cost of Alliance’s virtual office solutions varies depending on the region you select. As an illustration, we listed their service fees in the USA.

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Alliance virtual office plans

Servcorp, which was founded in 1976, is the greatest and most seasoned virtual office provider.

It prioritizes offering a broad variety of alternatives in addition to being reasonably priced and offering high-quality service; as a result, they serve in more than 20 countries and have more than 150 office locations.

It has serviced more than 50,000 customers throughout the course of its 46 years in business without sacrificing quality.


  • Because of the characteristics listed below, Servcorp is the ideal virtual office for small enterprises.
  • devoted front desk personnel
  • A business phone number.
  • tech support personnel.
  • fluid working methods
  • an expert business address
  • place for coworking on demand

Cons and pros

This part will reinforce your perceptions of it if you are already impressed by its characteristics. Below are a list of its benefits and drawbacks.


  • internal support personnel.
  • complete administration of mail
  • Lack of a security deposit


  • The consumer reviews mention poor customer service.


The costs of Servcorp vary according to the services you select. For instance, we discussed the costs of their virtual offices.

Servcorp virtual office plans

Office Evolution

Office Evolution was established in 2003 with the purpose of empowering small company owners by giving them a respectable and expert presence in the marketplace.

From its founding to the present, office evolution has significantly grown to include more than 70 sites.

Due to its dedication to providing high-quality services, Office Evolution has already established a solid reputation as a service provider.


We’ve described Office Evolution’s features to give you a thorough picture of the product.

  • live receptionist
  • Local manager and assistance personnel.
  • 24×7 access.
  • Address for a professional business.
  • Coworking spaces that are flexible and modern.

Cons and Pros

We shall discuss all of Office Evolution’s benefits and drawbacks in this section.


  • Easy and quick office acquisition procedure.
  • Additionally, it offers a temporary office (even for 30 min).
  • Membership on a monthly basis.


  • costly plans.


Depending on the region and service you select, Office Evolution offers a variety of price plans.

Here is a description of one of their plans.

Office Evolution virtual office plans

Wurkr is a fantastic service provider that defied all expectations when it launched in 2018 and in only 4 years, spread to more than 65 countries.

Their founders envisioned maximizing the efficiency of your company’s dispersed workforce while addressing the largest challenge in remote working, namely cooperation.

They have serviced more than 5000 consumers who are happy with the quality of their services with only 4 years of experience.


By offering a distinctive and simple collaboration platform and the fantastic capabilities listed below, Wurkr helps you improve your communication and cooperation when working remotely.

  • Features of Wurkr
  • Very neat and user-friendly platform.
  • enhance cooperation
  • Instant messages.
  • audio-visual conferences.
  • Multiple screens sharing.

Cons and Benefits

We discussed its benefits and drawbacks in this area, which are as follows.


  • An excellent way to combat loneliness at work.
  • To talk privately with a certain team, use the room lock and room knock options.
  • Encryption from end to end for security.
  • 29-days free trial


  • Only credit cards and Demand Drafts are accepted as forms of payment.


According to your demands, Wurkr offers three options, however only the two that are listed below are paid for.

Wurkr virtual office plans

What To Take Into Account When Selecting A Virtual Office Provider

Because there are so many virtual office service providers on the market, picking one of the top virtual office firms might be challenging.

Even if you may select any of the service providers mentioned because we have included them after evaluating their services on every scale, we still advise you to keep in mind a few points to help you select the finest offers.

  • Affordability.
  • service quality.
  • Make sure you have everything.
  • a reliable source of services.

You may select the best offer for you with the assistance of these considerations.


We made an effort to give you information about the top virtual office providers on the market in this post. These organizations above provide one of the most affordable virtual offices with best-in-class quality.

WeWork is the most dependable firm on our list, so if you want our advice, we’d advise choosing it. Tech behemoths like Microsoft, Samsung, Zoom, and many more have used it.

This article will end with a very important reminder: thoroughly read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing any virtual office services since there may be unstated fees that cause issues for your company.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information we provided, please leave a remark below.

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