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Free VoIP Calls To India – Top 10 Best Android Apps in 2021

Looking for Free VoIP Calls To India? Android VoIP apps allow to do so. You to get a cheaper alternative phone service for your mobile device to call your near and dear ones back in India.

VoIP apps allow you to make phone calls from your smartphone. Only data usage above 3G/4G is charged. Your mobile phone provider might charge for local calls.

free voip calls to India

Android currently holds the largest share of the smartphone market. The platform’s dominance is partly due to the large number of smartphones and the availability of these phones from all major mobile carriers. Android smartphones can be purchased by all major providers (AT&T and Verizon, Sprint and Sprint), as well as many other manufacturers.

It is clear that mobile networks are not as important to us as they once were. It is possible to receive a data signal at the same locations as a mobile signal. Wi-Fi is becoming more popular. The internet allows us to communicate with people the same way as we can over the phone. Here’s a list with the top apps for SIP and VoIP calls to make free calls to India.

Here are the top 10 Android apps that allow you to make free VoIP calls To India & World.


1. Facebook Messenger

Cost: No cost

Facebook messenger is a great application. It supports voice calls, SMS messages, and video calls. Although it works best for text messages the app’s quality is determined by how fast your Internet connection. It also relies heavily on resource usage. This is why it’s not recommended for older or lower-end devices.

Messenger Lite is another option, which requires less system usage but allows for only text and phone calls. There are no two options that can be wrong.

2. WhatsApp

Cost: Free of Charge

WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform. However, you might not know that WhatsApp will allow voice and video calls. It is extremely popular and reliable, making it easy for others to download the app and make calls. You get extra features like address book integration, multi-media support, and file attachments. This app may not be the best choice if you need a phone number. This app works fine if you aren’t.

3. Google Duo

Cost: Free

Google Duo is one of the most recent video calling apps. It supports regular voice calls very well. To make the calls work, however, everyone must be connected to Duo. It’s easy to use and has excellent voice and video quality. The best part is that it’s completely free! Simply sign up your friends for the app. Once you have signed up, it is ready for use. It is compatible with iOS devices.

4. Google Hangouts

Cost: No cost

Google Hangouts is one of the best VoIP apps. It works in the same way as Facebook Messenger. It is most commonly used for texting and sending photos, but it also supports voice calls, group calls, and video calling. Your Google Voice number can be used for voicemail, phone calls, and SMS messaging. Google Duo is better if you are only interested in making voice or video calls. Google Hangouts is for those who want to have a bit of everything. It is available in the app store for free without advertising or in-app purchase.

5. Skype

Cost: Absolutely Free

Skype is one of the most used VoIP apps. It’s easy to use, with direct support for Microsoft and Facebook. This app can be used to send text messages, voice and video calls. You can also make landline phone calls for a small fee. Although the desktop app seems to be more intuitive than the mobile one, it is still quite usable. Skype supports cross-platform support on many mobile and desktop devices. It’s also free. It’s very easy to use. It wouldn’t be used by many people.

6. MagicApp

Cost: Some parts are available for $9.99/year, others are free

magicApp is one of the most popular SIP/VoIP applications. To make calls, it uses a person’s actual phone number. It offers SMS, landline, and cross-platform support. This app is not completely free. The annual cost is $9.99 Unlimited calls to Canada and the United States will be made, as well as unlimited texting and calling to any number in the United States. It can be used with any PC or mobile device.

7. MizuDroid SIP VoIP Softphone

Cost: Free

MizuDroid is one of the few SIP apps that Google Play regularly updates. To use it, you must have an existing SIP Account. However, it supports multiple SIP accounts, VoIP tunneling, and call diversion. It also supports voicemail functions, encryption, voicemail, voicemail, and VoIP tunneling. Although the UI is a bit older than usual, it’s still easy to use and functional. This app is free and does not require any in-app purchases.

8. Signal Private Messenger

Cost: No cost

Signal Private Messenger, a VoIP app with privacy features, is worth a look. Although it supports texting and voice calls, there aren’t many notable features. It integrates with your existing phone number and contact list, and offers above-average encryption, privacy, and security capabilities. This was something that we loved. Telegram works best for texting and Signal works best for voice and additional features. It’s free and there are no in-app purchase.

9. Viber

Cost: All you have to do is purchase extras within the app.

Viber isn’t as popular in America as it is elsewhere in the world. However, it offers a complete chat service as well as video calls and voice calling. You can also add file attachments, public chats and stickers to Viber. However, the stickers are a little more expensive. You have a variety of options for cross-platform VoIP or SIP.

10. Zoiper IAX SIP VoIP Softphone

Cost: Purchases within the app qualify for a free or $8.49 discount

Zoiper is one the very few VoIP and SIP applications that is still available. It is primarily focused on phone calls, and supports Bluetooth, IAX, and the ability to make calls over the Internet using other protocols.

You will get better audio and call transferring capabilities as well as video calling support if you choose their Gold package. This is one of the best SIP apps available. This app is ideal for those who primarily use it to make voice calls. Despite being a relatively new technology, the UI and design of the app are regularly updated.


You may be able to call an app that gives you a temporary number for free. Your contacts can use the same number, so they don’t have to install any apps. Except for Google Voice, these apps include in-app ads. This will support their operational costs.

Hence, You can also make free calls to India with free calling apps. Also, text messages are only sent to other users via these apps. If You any other free calling apps or want to suggest some to our users, please use the comments section below.

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Sahil Shah
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