Free Download Dexpot 1.6.3

Dexpot to have many desks

Dexpot is a program that allows you to have multiple desktops, independent. Each desktop can have its own background, your own icons and shortcuts, its own resolution, etc.. You can also define the list of programs that want to start automatically for each virtual desktop.

You can easily switch from one desktop to another and may define custom shortcuts for it.

Free Download Dexpot 1.6.3

The objective is to organize and sort Dexpot the desktop to make it neater and faster access to the various elements, for example, if you save one to access favorite programs and another to leave access to favorite music.

For those who find it more convenient to work in this way and switch desktops that have multiple windows open in a single working environment, this application can be very useful. It can also be useful for Linux users used to working with multiple virtual desktops.

It features simple a help document on the official website, to understand how Dexpot and how to configure.

Dexpot 1.6.3 (Build 2167) is the latest version, updated in September 2012, this software can be downloaded for free. Works with all versions of Windows, including Windows 7 (32 and 64).

Free Download Dexpot 1.6.3


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