Google Earth Sky 4.3 Free Download

Google recently launched version 4.3 of Google Earth , the already mentioned and impressive program that provides the opportunity to tour the major cities of our planet, with satellite images, on various scales and with excellent definition, enabling recognize locations, monuments, buildings, landforms, etc..

Since the previous version, 4.2, has joined the Google Sky , which allows you to explore the universe, and contemplate galaxies , nebulae and stars , as if done by the most powerful telescopes, in fact, many of the available images were taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Google Earth Sky Free Download

You can change the mode, which defaults to the land, to advance to the sky, and navigate similarly zooming in more detail to see galaxies and other components of the universe.

With Google Earth Sky was able to tour around the planet, the moon, the planets of the solar system, and the whole universe, therefore, is undoubtedly an exciting tool for educational purposes and for those interested in-astronomy .

This version is free .

Google Earth Sky Download

Google Earth Sky 4.3 Free Download

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