eMule Plus 1.2c Free Download

eMule Plus is a variant of eMule , the file-sharing program that lets you download files of any type, such as movies, music and more. The Plus version includes many improvements to eMule classic, because as it is open source, various communities launch their own variants or mods, incorporating new features. While this software started as a mod and has become independent.

For those who have tried the version 0.48 or above and have not ever met the expectations, the eMule Plus can be a good option to try, and like the other, it is also free.

eMule Plus 1.2c Download

Among the advantages of the eMule Plus , we noted a marked improvement in the interface, with support for more languages, including Spanish, improving what has to do with the “rating” of the files and also information on the progress discharge, which can be set to high priority users want in exchange and can also be filtered or bannear users, among other advantages.

The latest version is 1.2 and eMule Plus .

eMule Plus 1.2c Download


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