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Download Office Mix For Windows

The Office Mix is an add-on application for PowerPoint 2013, which is present in the package Microsoft Office 2013 .

Therefore, it is necessary to have it installed and updated on your computer if you want to make use of the software presented here – fortunately the Microsoft Office 365 can also be used with Office Mix. The proposed service is characterized by creating interactive lessons online mode with PowerPoint presentations.

Knowing this, you can download Office Mix for free, though he is entirely in English. Once installed, a small icon appears in the Mix Office Toolbar PowerPoint, the last of all the buttons being listed. By clicking “Mix”, the specific functions of the plugin will appear as make recordings, captures screenshots, inserts quiz, among others.

Specific records within PowerPoint

Mix with Office, you can import your presentations to classes or work and enhance these slides. By clicking the “Record” button, you can create a video within the slideshow itself and comment on certain important topics being displayed – is also allowed to select only the audio or choose the full video appearing on the slides with you. To do so, of course you must have a camera on your computer.

In video mode, you can write on the slides as if they were a black box, since it is allowed to make scribbles on the images and then delete all lines – and you can choose the most varied colors for your tags. If you wish, you can also create quizzes on slides with the help of Office Mix – function that may be of interest to teachers in general. It is allowed to select the number of attempts of the issues and add tips to facilitate questions.

Presentations that are much more dynamic

You can also make videos that record the display of the computer itself, in the “Screen Capture” mode. That way, you can record certain areas of the desktop and perform commands to exemplify something, like a tutorial software, and add the video after the Office Mix. After you create your mix in PowerPoint, you can perform the file upload in the cloud (you must register with some of the following accounts: Microsoft, Facebook or Google) for an access link of the slides is provided.

All slides are also saved in the Office Mix site, and there (when you’re logged in) is allowed to view all its productions and as often as the people watched, as well as how long they stayed on each slide. All presentations created in Office Mix can be viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as computers with various operating systems.


The Office Mix is ​​an application for PowerPoint 2013 very useful and interesting especially for teachers and education professionals in general. Remember that to use it you must have the latest Microsoft Office suite or Office 365, if not he will not run properly. Mix with Office, you can create slideshows that have recorded videos directly from your computer to view your desktop (with you appearing beside or only with audio), and dynamic questionnaires in the slides themselves and the fact that you can scribble presentations as if they were a blackboard.

Of course, to make a fuller use of it, you must have a camera and a microphone properly installed on your PC. This add-on PowerPoint is entirely in English, which can be an obstacle for some people, but after handling it a few moments you may already realize that something is not difficult to use it. One difference is that it is compatible with mobile devices (in view mode), so that you can reach more people with its use.

As it is integrated with PowerPoint 2013 there are no mysteries to use Office Mix and create presentations with videos, since the menu is the same as we already know PowerPoint. It is interesting to note that all presentations are automatically saved in the cloud and you can choose whom to share – and to see how many times they were seen, as well as how long each person spent on a particular slide (something that helps measure the level of interest) . No more, for those who want to create an educational or even as a slideshow tutorial, Office Mix is ​​very suitable.
Download Office Mix

Download Office Mix For Windows

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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