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Download SuperGIF For Windows

SuperGIF is a program used to compress files of type GIF, causing the images and animations become smaller in size.

So you can easily send the file or even your store, leaving smaller files.

However, rest assured that the program does not cause the loss of features of your GIF. Furthermore, the application is extremely lightweight and does not consume many resources. This is a demo version of the software and is limited by the possibility that you run the process one file at a time.

Shrinking GIFs

Often, however much your GIF’s perfect, he finishes with a slightly larger than expected size, making it not possible to host it on certain services. In such cases, for more than the ideal scenario, often we do is try to “shorten it”, causing the problem to be solved that way.

Therefore, SuperGIF can be a really useful tool, especially for you never have to go through this kind of situation. The program adopts a model of simple interface, relying only on the screen to perform the function, no advanced features or options that require complex configurations.

In the program preferences, including everything that can be set is referring to can be cut transparent areas, make backup before changing the GIF and should be mounted as job history. According to the developer, GIFs based images can be reduced by a total of up to 80%, depending on the type.

Doing compression

The program operates in a really simple way and to upload your GIF, you must enter the “File” menu and select “Open file” to a file or “Open Folder” to an entire folder. As an alternative form for the procedure, you can “drag” the desired item to the application interface.

Then, the process starts automatically. When the GIF has a larger size, you will see a progress screen indicating the progress of the operation, but when the file is already relatively small, it does not even come to be displayed, since the procedure is actually quite fast.


SuperGIF is an interesting tool for those already working constantly with GIFs or will switch to use this visual appeal with some frequency. That’s because it can be a great ally in time to optimize the size of the animations, making it possible to host certain services or even storage issues.

The application interface is simple but well friendly and she has only a few options on their menus, because the emphasis of the program is in its functionality. So if you like to control all aspects of the procedure may end up a little frustrated, since it is not offered with SuperGIF.

The application screen is noteworthy since it is well organized (with the correctly identified functions) and simple to use, allowing even beginners have no major difficulties to operate the application. This fact occurs because you can either upload the file via the menu as simply “drag” it to the application.

The function is fully automatic, avoiding you having to do manual settings for it to occur. Moreover, the process is extremely fast, saving you suffer with unnecessary waits. The whole operation is recorded in the history file, so you know if something does not work out as expected.

Download SuperGIF For Windows

Download SuperGIF For Windows

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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