Download Free Networx Version 5.2.5


Networx is a program that allows analysis of inbound and outbound network, measure the bandwidth, ie, the connection speed to the Internet, either by modem, DSL, or cable, and get many useful reports and . Supports wireless networks.

You can get real-time a list of IP addresses to which you send information or downloaded data. This can be useful in detecting certain suspicious activity caused by a malicious application such as a Trojan, or some kind of attack.

Download Free Networx Version 5.2.5

This tool uses very few resources and is easy to use, can be accessed by right-clicking on an icon on the Windows toolbar, which provides access to listings, reports and graphs available.

This utility is also used to measure incoming and outgoing traffic, and control of not passing the limit in the case of hiring a limited ADSL plan. Reports can be generated daily, weekly or monthly.

Networx 5.2.5 is the latest version (updated October 2012) of this software can be downloaded free. Supports XP, Vista and 7.

Size: 3 MB.

Download Free Networx Version 5.2.5

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