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Download Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter For Windows

Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter is an application used to convert documents are in PDF to DOCX type.

Thus, you have an alternative for the case you need to make adjustments to these files, since it is not always easy to edit this format.

This is a trial version of the application and has a limitation the fact that you can perform the conversion on up to five documents. In addition, whenever you are completing the procedure, a message window informs about this feature.

Changing the format

If you ever had to make adjustments in a PDF document knows how this simple action can turn into a very complex and cumbersome task. That’s because the format requires a specific to be opened with the possibility of editing application, something that is not always available on the machine you have at your disposal.

Moreover, another drawback that could happen is that you take a document in this format for the delivery of a job and come to find that it was necessary to be in another. However, to solve such situations, you can rely on applications like Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter. As its name suggests the application, it allows changing the type for DOCX and moments.

The program’s interface is sleek and well organized, focusing on the organization of their duties. Therefore, even though it has menus with alternatives, all you need to perform the function can be found directly on the screen, making it easier to use even for those who never had contact with this type of application.

Enabling edit

To start the conversion process, the first step is to add the document to the program interface by clicking the “Add File” button to a file or “Add Folder” to an entire folder. Done so, check that the items are now listed on the screen and if you wish, you can preview any of them doing it and using the selection function available.

Once loaded the document, you can start the conversion process itself. Note that the format is automatically adapted, and need only specify a directory to save the new item. You can specify the desired folder via the “Customize” field or request that the file be stored in the same location in which it is the original item.

If you want to choose the latter configuration, just select the alternative “Save target fil (s) in source folder”. When everything is the way you want, simply click the “Start” button and wait for the end of the procedure.


Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter can be a great ally for those times when you need to change the format of such a file. In addition, the program can be considered as a great option for those who do not have much experience with this type of application, since it has an intuitive and entirely focused on the use interface.

The program screen is stylish and has a good organization tools, and presents the main options in shape, facilitating the visual identification of the tasks offered. Another big positive is the time of the procedure, which is usually pretty fast, even for files with a slightly larger size.

The end result proved to be as faithful as possible to the original, especially with regard to special characters and accents (which were all well recognized in the new documents). However, the text formatting and pagination had problems dissimilarities with respect to the original document.

This issue can certainly be regarded as a negative point, especially if you need the file in the new format and has no time to conduct a review of those characteristics. You can use the application without any manual configuration.

Even if you like to get full control over the output data files, it may become a little dissatisfied with the program, because everything is automatic. Moreover, a weak point of the application is that it makes the procedure otherwise (does not convert to PDF). Still, if you need to perform a conversion from a PDF quickly, especially for extracting snippets of text, it may be worth checking the Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter.
Download Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter For Windows

Download Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter For Windows

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