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ALSong is a music player that has an interface similar to Winamp, and with similar functionality, but with a great new feature: the ability to access a database with more than a million lyrics by artists from all the world and in all languages.

The process of searching for the lyrics (lyrics) of the song is automatic, but if there was an error or the found text is not as expected, you can search manually to find the letter.

ALSong Download
You can send the letters themselves in case of songs by artists who are not yet in the database. From that time will be available to all users of AL Song.

Supports audio format known as MP3, MPGA (MPEG Audio Stream), OGG Vorbis, WAV, WMA (Windows Media Audio), APE (Monkey’s Audio), FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), CDA (Audio CD) S3M (Scream Tracker), MOD (Sound Tracker) and ASF (Advanced Streaming Format) and playlists (playlist): ASL (ALSong playlist) M3U and PLS.

It has a 10-band equalizer and frequencies ranging from 60Hz to 16kHz. It has some preset modes as “Voz” (Voice), “Classic,” Rock “, and some more, but you can also create and save custom configurations.

It has more of a design (skin) which can be changed easily, and the author’s website will be added more soon.

ALSong 1.9 is the latest version of this audio player that can be downloaded for free.

ALSong Download

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