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Download Spotify – Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & Mac – Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Spotify has become the best known music platform. Although other cheaper, even free alternatives that approximate their service, this is still in the lead with various plans to offer music lovers have appeared.

With more than 10 million songs in its database, the user can listen to their favorite both discover new music talents through the network recommendations artists. In addition, its connection with social networks to interact with friends who use the same service.


Spotify Operation and Plans For User

Access the Spotify service is as simple as downloading the application from their website and sign after it. Logging in with the username and password, you can save all preferences to use the platform and manage user plan.

Once the application to run, the user enters their username and password is installed.

According to the plan to each user to access, you can enjoy more or less benefits. The different plans that exist are:

  1. Open: free service that allows you to enjoy 20 hours a month of music in the country of registration and 14 days when traveling abroad. Also it allows you to share what you’re listening with friends.
  2. Free: it is free and by invitation, adding radio stations in addition to the databases of artists hear.
  3. Unlimited: for 4.99 euros per month, Spotify lets you listen to unlimited music abroad and enjoy this art without advertising (common feature of the free options).
  4. Premium: all music without restrictions and also on mobile.

The operation of Spotify does not exist in all countries because it is only available in those where it has reached agreements on the record. Considering this playing the music of the artists who are on platforms respects the rights copyright.

Unlike other streaming services, Spotify transmits information through the protocol P2P . Thus, users not only receive the information requested but in turn also send information from their computers. Thanks to the arrangement cache by the application, the user gets some advantages. Like not having to completely download each song you want to hear again (it is recommended to reserve about 1GB cache for this application for optimum performance ). In addition to this, cache information is exchanged between users for no new downloads are done. The secret of success of your radio and platform in general.

Spotify and social networks

Spotify can be integrated with social networks such as Facebook. Thus, it is shown on the wall of the user being listened to, but it is also possible to see what that user contacts on Facebook are listening. So you can interact with them, discuss their about the songs and get new tracks which enjoy thanks to what they are playing Facebook friends, all with one click.

Despite the advantages that this entails when hear new music or know what sounds on the computers of friends of a user, privacy ends sacrificed with this advantage, so that the user has the option to choose whether to use this functionality or not.

Spotify integrates Play option in private, since the first tab called Spotify. Thus, the user can use this streaming service without being accountable to.

Spotify can be download on Windows, Android, Mac OS X and mobile platform from below links.

Download Spotify For WindowsDownload Spotify For Android And Other Platforms

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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