FLV Player. version 2.0 Free Download

FLV Player is a program that can play videos in FLV (Flash), and H.264 (MPEG-4). You can associate this tool as default player for files of this type.

Allows you to play both the videos downloaded from sites that use the format FLV increasingly common, or directly enter the url, from places like Youtube.

Use this tool is more convenient to watch the videos directly on the website as it allows continuous playback once the video, and it sometimes takes a while to do it online because if not cached the video to load enlentenciendo the process again.

FLV Player has several controls like any player, to adjust the volume, the screen size, etc., And can open more than one window at a time to see more than one video.

FLV Player 2.0 build 25 is the latest version of this software, which is free.

FLV Player. version 2.0 Download

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