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3 Best Bulk Email Software, Free Mass Email Software

Many thinks that in the internet marketing strategies today, only ranking and appearing in search engines is not enough, but the sales should achieved with confidence and knowledge. Your web visitors become your customers only when you give them the content they want. The personalized mass mailing is completely legal when you get new mailing lists, using modules opt-in subscription free on your websites.

When you get subscribers which are really concerned and subscribed from your site, then you can send them emails which they will like and will purchase more products in future. The key to a winning email marketing is to send emails to your subscribers using a mass email software or bulk email software. The software does free bulk mailing automatically and deliver your personalized mass emails to subscribed users to their mailing addresses.

You can make many occasional visitors and customers to returning users to your website by sending legitimate bulk mails which are been confirmed, with updates and focused offers, using a bulk email software which should be download to your PC.

Here is 3 best free mass email or bulk email software:

1) Hermes (Mini-Mail Sender): is a well worked yet lightweight software that lets you send personalized emails to your mailing lists, has the ability to extract emails from plain text files or import from CSV (comma separated data) allowing it to customize each of the emails as they could be sent.

You can also configure an external SMTP outgoing mail with SSL, save your messages for you for after use, or to preview the message if you have customized them. Completely free bulk email software, you can send as many messages as your SMTP server allows. It also have built-in HTML editor to design your mails.

download Hermes (Mini-Mail Sender)

2) Group Mail : This is a software that simplifies your work to send the same email to multiple recipients. Group Mail allows you to send personalized messages to target groups. You can also personalize your mail , subject line, message text and attachments (up to 4 attachments) for each recipient.

group mail

You can send message in HTML format and apply the same customization. Group Mail also lets you create a filter in the list which you can determine who gets what.

Download Group Mail

3) WorldCast:  is a program to send bulk email and is also a utility to validate email addresses. What makes WorldCast different from others that it detect invalid addresses in the list of email addresses that you provided, informing you of errors found as wrong formats, timeouts in the posts … When doing a mass mailing program it creates a record of all actions that happen so you can review it later.

download worldcast

Incora is an HTML editor to create the emails from the same software, you can attach files, preview the email and check the spelling (English only).

WorldCast acts as an SMTP server sending the same emails to many recipients. That is, does not need any external SMTP server but you can indicate one area to use it.

Download WorldCast

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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