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20 Essential Tricks for iPhone 7 For iOS 7 & iOS 10

Among the improvements introduced in the new smartphone it include water resistance and better performance

iPhone 7 substantially improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience: has more advanced cameras , offers better performance and battery , has a stereo speaker system has a brighter screen and brighter colors.

Now, the Apple phone is water resistant to splashes and dust. In addition, everything in the iPhone is now better thanks to iOS 10 and the new features.


And to take advantage of all the news, Apple has provided the following essential tricks to get the most out of iPhone iOS 7, and 10.

1. Start and shortcuts on the lock screen

No longer slip to unlock the iPhone because now you can do many more things with locked in IOS 10 screen: Swipe the screen to the left to access much faster to the camera or slide the screen to the right to access Today and all your ‘ widgets ‘.

You can also slide the screen down to check the Notifications or even slide the screen up to see the Control Center .

2. New options in the Control Center

Open the Control Center and apply these shortcuts using 3D Touch : press the icon flashlight to change the intensity of light, medium to low; copy the latest results of the calculator ; or press on the icon Timer to set a specific time.

3. Lift it up to activate

Simply lift the iPhone to be activated. Your Notifications will be waiting on the screen (yes, iOS 10 for iPhone 6s and above).

4. Viewing Today

Today Customize the display of adding and organizing your widgets. Click Edit at the bottom of the screen, then add or remove widgets and change your order according to your preferences.

5. Customize the start button

You can customize the level of pressure or force the click of a button Start in ‘Settings> General> Home Button’ . There, choose the type you want to click.

6. Water Resistance 7 Iphone

Have you fallen iPhone overboard? Bring the liquid hitting your iPhone against the hand with the connector Lightning down , and leave it in a well ventilated area . If you have a fan, put your iPhone in front and directs air directly to the connector Lightning.

7. Effects bubble messages

Change the appearance of bubbles messages. Thanks to the effects of impact, scream, soft and invisible ink , you can now say things with determination either high or even whispering.

8. Effects full screen messages

Manda full screen effects like balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks and shooting stars . Just press the submit button, select ‘Display Effects’ and slide to choose the one that best capture your mood.

Atento also this trick has shared Apple: to send ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘Congratulations’ Effects on screen are automatically activated.

9. Tips for group messages

Easily interpret what happens in your message groups with Tapback , because now your friends can share messages reactions.

In addition, you can take a count of reactions by Tapbacks. Thus, questions like ‘Pizza or Hamburger?’ and ‘Beach or pool?’ They can be decided with a quick vote. (For example, three against three I like I do not like)

10. Send photos from the reel

Hurry? Now you can include a photo in a message simply by pressing and dragging the conversation.

If you’re in messages, press the camera icon to access a specific keyboard that lets you easily select your best images or take a new picture without leaving the ‘app’.

11. Quicktype

The QuickType keyboard has improved thanks to the intelligence of Siri. The predictive text in iOS 10 is more effective by predictions context , including locations and contacts.

Now you can send your location or email address from Contacts with a simple touch. For example, if a friend asks ‘where are you?’, IOS 10 suggests you Share Location with a simple touch.

12. Notes hand in messages

When you post a iMessage, put your iPhone in landscape mode to send a more personal text written by hand.

13. App Store for Imessage

iOS 10 about the ‘apps’ to messages through the App Store for iMessage. Users of iPhone and iPad can now discover, download and open applications directly from messages. This makes it easier to share files, edit photos, make payments and collaborate with friends.

The App Store for iMessage also offers ‘stickers’ animated and static, so we can express ourselves in many fun ways depending on the occasion.

14. Customize ‘Reading Report’

IOS 10 you can customize the contact that you notify messages reading: on an individual conversation, press the information button and you can enable or disable ‘Reading Report’ s in modifying your general settings.

15. Siri does more for you

Siri works with your ‘apps’ favorite App Store, so now you can ask her to book a table through OpenTable , a trip / drive by Lyft or pay 10 euros a friend with Venmo .

Also, you can ask Siri to ‘Take a selfie’ to activate selfie mode in the ‘app’ Chamber, or ‘take a picture’ to open the Camera app.

16. Apple Music

Follow the letter of the song as you play in Apple Music. Simply slide up the screen and select View letters.

17. Health

A single organ donor can save up to eight lives. Sign up to be a donor organ, eye or tissue in Donate Life America thanks to iOS 10.

Go to the tab Data Doctors within the ‘app’ Health for registration. Your decision will be included in the national database and will be valid even if you move to other countries.

18. Search photos

Find easily people or things in your photos, whether your dog, a beach or even a birthday cake.

19. Memories

Every day you can enjoy new memories thanks to the ‘app’ photos. You can also create your own memories, seeing them as a slideshow or movie automatically edited , in addition to share with family and friends.

20. Edit your ‘Live photos’

Now you can apply a filter to your Live Photos and control exposure.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah is B.E passed out. He loves to write and do experiments with online tools, software, and games. He is an expert tech writer for 10+ years. He is a part-time scientist as well. Eating, and being online at night is what he usually does.


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