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Google Pixel Features, Specification And Price in India

The first range fully made by the company, stands by the camera – No arrival to India Yet

On Tuesday at a conference in San Francisco (California) technology giant Google introduced a “family” of own products, championed by the new Pixel smartphone and launching helmets Daydream View for virtual reality.

Pixel was undoubtedly the flagship event.

Rick Osterloh , vice president of enterprise hardware, praised the design of new devices Google ( “have a personality and unique aspect”) and explained that lead first installed the Google Assistant function and work with virtual reality thanks the incorporation of Daydream helmets.

Pixel Features
The new mobile Google has two versions, Pixel, 5 inches, and Pixel XL, 5.5.
Processor, memory and capacity: Snapdragon Qualcomm 821, 4GB of RAM and 32 GB capacity or 128GB
Colours: Remove Black (dark gray), Very Silver (silver) and Really Blue (blue, a limited version).
Camera: is 12 megapixels and has default HRD + technology and image stabilizer for video.
Price: In the US the price will start from $ 649 (577 euros) for the 5 – inch model, but the cost in Spain is unknown.
Released in India: Google has not yet announced when it will hit stores.


He also stressed that the House of Pixel is the best that has been used in a ‘smartphone’ (has a 89 in the DxOMark record, the highest ever achieved) because, among other properties, automatically manages exposure pictures, even those with little light.

He stressed that these phones running the Android 7.1 operating system Nougat, will have an unlimited storage for photo (no quality loss) and take the application for video calls’ Duo ” similar to Apple ‘s FaceTime installed.

The devices, described as the first phones made by Google “inside and outside”, come in two sizes. Pixel will feature a 5 – inch screen, while the Pixel XL will be 5.5 inches Both will have high – performance batteries with fast charge (up to 7 hours after charging 15 minutes).

Mobile incorporate a new ‘launcher’ , designed to harness the full potential of Google Assistant and its interaction with the other services of the company.

Both feature a Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB option or 128 GB of space, 1080p, rear 12 megapixel camera , 3.5mm headphone jack and fingerprint reader. The camera also has default HRD + technology and image stabilizer for video.

They are available in three colors : Remove Black (quite black), Very Silver (very silver) and Really Blue (really blue, a limited version).

The US price is $ 649 (577 euros) for the 5 – inch and can be ordered in advance, free or linked to the company Verizon.

During the conference was not detailed when it will come to India .

Google Assistant

Sundar Pichai, Google ‘s CEO, opened the conference #madebygoogle reviewing the history of the company and highlighting the cornerstone of Google Assistant as key in the framework of the new products presented.

” It is the tool to maintain a natural conversation between users and listener. The goal is to build a personal Google for each user , ” said Pichai, who emphasized the notion that the future lies in artificial intelligence.

So he stressed the importance of Google Assistant, the response to Apple ‘s Siri , which will “learn” and “improving” its functions as the user uses increasingly this tool, all thanks to machines “deep learning” that they help develop optimal learning.

Other developments

Other tools that details were given were the voice assistant for home Google Home (the price of $ 129 -114 euros), Chromecasts Ultra (television broadcast in 4K resolution and HDR, the price of $ 69 -61- ) or Google Wi-Fi (available in November for $ 129 114. device -266- $ 299 for a pack of three devices), the new router that will make connectivity more affordable home.

The other big news of the event were virtual reality helmets ‘Daydream View’ (on sale in November for $ US 79 -70 euros), which will work for certain Android phones, including the new Pixel.

With a different from other similar products, with fabric and adapted for use with spectacles aspect, helmets use a command to assist the user in the use of their tasks, either playing games or explore virtual reality experiences.

One of those early experiences will be ‘ Fantastic Beasts’ , the Harry Potter saga, developed in association with Warner Bros. studio Other applications have the collaboration platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO, to a total of 50 by year end .

In addition, Google has created a virtual reality version for some of their own applications, such as YouTube, Google Photos or Street View.

Google Pixel Price In India

It is Yet Not decided about pixel price in India.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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