Windows Media Player 11 Free Download

Windows Media Player 11 is the latest audio and video from Microsoft. It has a simple and attractive design, a directory structure and files of type tree that makes finding music and a very powerful advanced searches.

Record CD and supports various audio and video formats, to include: CD Audio, DVD Video, DVD Audio, WMA , WMV , MP3 , MPG , AVI .

Windows Media Player 11 Download

Windows Media Player allows you to create playlists and more pensandas several options to compete with iTunes for Windows. It has some disadvantages, for example, be a heavy program and consume many system resources, in addition to verifying that the copy of Windows is genuine. You need to install codecs for video to upload multiple video formats.

Despite the disadvantages mentioned, application satisfactorily meets the expectations, although alternatively it can prove to other players, such as VLC for video, audio or AIMP.

The player is free, is in Spanish and is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and Vista. For Windows 7 you have the Windows Media Player 12. In the download page you must select the file for the operating system you have.

Windows Media Player 11 Download

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