Windows Defender Download For PC ( Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1)

Windows Defender is a software company Microsoft, which is designed to remove, prevent spyware or placing them in quarantine.

He (the latest version – 1.75.1117.0) is integrated into the Vista operating system and is available for download free of charge when using the license of Windows Server 2003 and XP.

This application is not only a scanner system as other similar free software. It contains several security modules, which are able to keep track of suspicious changes in many segments of the system in real time.

Furthermore, Windows Defender allows you to easily remove installed applications ActiveX. Similarly, work and SuperAntiSpyware.

With access to the network, the user can send messages about a variety of suspicious objects to Microsoft in order to determine their possible belonging to a spy. Download Windows Defender for Windows 7, as well as for other versions of the OSes, you can, using the link to download.


Features Of Windows Defender:

  • Quick and easy way to detect unwanted software;
  • Effortlessly uninstall spyware detection process;
  • The ability to launch applications or on-demand or on a set schedule;
  • It helps identify suspicious programs that can be attributed to spyware;
  • It offers real-time protection by detecting all the possible ways of penetration of malicious software into the system.

Windows Defender Download

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