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Virtual DJ is a DJ mixer for beginners and professionals prized for its ease of use and quality of results.

With this program you enjoy mixing your favorite music and emulating famous DJ. Any style that comes to your head until you mix parts scandal. using tools DJs are at your fingertips, you just have to take them. In addition, Virtual DJ lets one highly customizable and includes multiple skins , so you can work in the environment that you feel most comfortable. Some specific examples of what you can do if you download Virtual DJ is:

Virtual DJ Download

  • Method support drag and drop to mix.
  • Live Remixes and effects synchronized sample andLoops. .
  • Scratch with MP3 music files, music videos and digital format vinyls
  • Synchronization between the two bass tracks with BeatLock system.
  • Mix channels .
  • Broadcast via Internet.
  • Adjust and modify the BPM.

Virtual DJ can also be controlled from an external mixer to your DJ experience much more realistic. Even if you are an expert this is an ideal program, versatile and easy to use.

  • Requirements

    – Processor: 850 Mhz 
    – Video Card: SVGA 800×600 
    – DirectX 
    – RAM: 128 MB 
    – Hard disk space: 20 MB

Virtual DJ Download

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