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Top Free Keylogger Downalod Available Over Internet

The Free Keylogger is a software program which helps in capturing the keyboard keystrokes of a computer user. The operation in most cases takes place underhandedly. If you concentrate on the name, you can easily understand that this is a kind of freeware keylogging application. The software has the capability of tracking and appositely recording keystrokes, several keyboard activities, and even net surfing conducts. You can make use of this Free Keylogger application without even letting the user know what’s happening in the background. The user will neither come to know of the program, nor will be able to disable the feature.

However, for the purpose of installing the Free Keylogger system, you have to go through several ethical and legal issues. This program is appositely used to troubleshoot technical issues by IT firms with their systems and networks. A few keyloggers are programmed in a way that they transmit data over the network to remote host. Some top Free Keylogger programs are listed below:

actual keylogger free download

Actual Keylogger: this is one of the Free Keylogger available over net. This program runs quietly in the backdrop recording each keystroke (special and function keys included). The program is designed in a particular way that the information captured can only be accessed by the installer. The log file provides info for websites visited, all keyboard activity, money transaction records, emails and chats, all hardware activity of the system, and many more. The password protection, Logfile encryption and HIDDEN mode are the key feature in Actual Keylogger.

refog keylogger

REFOG Free Keylogger is another useful Free Keylogger program which in intended to check and record, all activities of a user on a system. This program is intended for background monitoring with its ‘Stealth’ mode interface. It auto saves the project under progress which is the best part of this software.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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