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Top 6 Tracking Apps For Lost Android Smartphone In 2016

Android products are mainly broadly used just due to their amazing features at affordable cost. Android phones can be found in different cost vary from budget phone to many costly. Rather than calling features, their are other areas of our daily existence which now is dependent on mobile phones. We all do talking, write notes, set indication and sensors, Take pics and vids, store private data in cell phone. Android products has the complete group of features but to safeguard all of the data from misuse people need to consider backup of android day to day as well as we have to install android screen locks applications for privacy.

But in certain situations we might loss our phone or theft by someone. People in cases like this tend not to get sound advice and quit. Android includes complete group of features and getting different helpful applications for improving our experience. Just in case your wish to track and but don’t be aware that from how to start then do not concern yourself because today is that this article we will talk about some best android applications to trace device. These applications will help you locate android device that you’ve loss to stolen by someone. Here would be best device monitoring applications for android.

Best Android Applications to trace Lost Android device.

1. Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is among the best Android Applications to trace lost  Android device. It permit you to send a code for your device can make your device ringing in despite in quiet mode. You may also take control of your phone by hooking up it to commander option that is internet based interface. In case your phone doesn’t have web connection  you are able to send text to obtain the Gps navigation coordinates from the phones inside your Mail account.(LINK)

2. Cerberus Application
Cerberus is yet another popular Android Phone monitoring Applications which offer its free version for any week and it is professional version can be obtained on the internet play which offer an eternity license for 4.99  pounds. It permit you to device via texts and thru website world wide This Application warn you if somebody use unauthorized Sim inside your phone. Additionally, it permit you to lock your phone, wipe your internal and Sdcard, begin a noisy alarm even just in quiet mode.(LINK)

3. Android Device Manager
Android Device Manager is anther popular Android Application to trace your lost and stolen device using the Connected Google Account using the phone. It totally reset your device screen’s locks hooks. Additionally, it erase your phone data in order to save it from misuse. Additionally, it provide the opportunity to look your device on the internet map, wipe your phone, lock your phone and the opportunity to manage multiple products in one device.(LINK)

4. Prey Anti-theft
Prey Anti-theft is yet another popular android applications on Google play store. The primary feature from the Applications is the fact that after installation the Application is hidden within the phone and may simply be removed  with password. Whenever your phone is missing you are able to activate the Application via delivering a text with another phone and type”GO PREY” in capital letters. It permit you take pictures from device back and front camera, track Gps navigation location, Lock your device, triggered a noisy alarm on phone.(LINK)


5. Anti Droid Theft
Anti Droid Theft is yet another popular application on Google play store free of charge. This Applications give you the additional security just in case of theft and stolen your device. It permit you to track your device via Gps navigation position, Track changes to sim and telephone number. Additionally, it give you the images obtained from your device via internet through its website at

6. Seek Droid
Seek Droid is yet another popular android Applications to  track lost Android device. This Applications has beautiful design and straightforward interface to make use of. It permit you to locate your device via world wide . Additionally, it provide features to lock your device remotely, locate it text, wipe the unit and Sdcard, get device information such battery ,IMEI and up to date calls. It’s on Google play store free of charge.(LINK)

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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