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How To Increase Apple iPhone Battery Life – 11 Easiest Ways

iPhone is broadly used cell phone and also the appropriate product ever by Apple. iPhone are famous due to their quality featuring which aren’t obtainable in other products. iPhone their very own operating-system referred to as IOS. iPhone have numerous features including light sensor, motion sensor, Accelerator sensor, Attractive animation, background program processing, video calling, top quality camera, multitasking etc. Lately we released iPhone secret codes that really help to obtain deep use of helpful device information. So due these type of facilities iPhone is among the best smartphone to used.

iPhone rivaling Android products in each and every area including hardware, software but expect battery. Even many android device aren’t supplying good battery backup for android user they are able to try these best ideas to increase android battery life. iPhone can be found with small size batteries typically from 1500 to 1800 mha. iPhone six includes 3000 mha battery. But because of onpar gps like background processing and motion or many programs or Applications we operate on our device, our device battery get discharge soon. Battery backup can also be become an issue with the multitasking. You will find several causes of discharging our battery soon including hardware sensors, overcharging, background running Applications etc. You are also are afflicted by this issue then we will explain some best ideas to increase iPhone battery life.


How You Can Increase iPhone Battery Life.

1. Avoid Background Application Refreshing

IOS latest versions provide many additional features. Background Application Refreshing is a the these extra features to create iPhone more wise. In IOS 7 this selection can be obtained. This selection be mindful which Applications you utilize more at what time. For instance if you are using Facebook application at 5:00 clock daily it will instantly improve your Applications before your opening if it is updates can be found. It’ll affect your battery performance. So you’ve to show off this selection to enhance your battery life. with this follow this steps. Goto configurations -> General -> Background Application Refresh

2. Avoid Automatic Updates Of Applications

IOS provide feature of automatic update of Applications. You do not need to to keep in mind concerning the updates of Applications. This selection result in the iPhone more wise but however it will likewise consume your battery and obtain drain our battery. To increase our battery performance we must disable this options that come with automatic update and switch it to manual, to ensure that you simply update the needed applications. With this adopt these measures

  • 1. Open the configurations inside your iPhone.
  • 2. click iTunes and Application Store.
  • 3. In automatic downloads searches for Updates.
  • 4. Then power it down.

3. Switch On Auto Brightness

Among the important options that come with IOS is Light sensor. Light sensor control the brightness of display and save your valuable battery life. It’ll control the brightness of display based upon the concentration of light falling around the sensor. It give you more brightness in dark area and control brightness see how to avoid. To Show About This Feature follow this steps.

  • 1. Open the configurations.
  • 2. Now click Display and Brightness
  • 3. Slowly move the slider to show About this feature.

4. Avoid Motion and Animation

IOS offer motion sensor to supply background motion. Background motion help make your phone display more appealing. Within this effect whenever you move your phone, your phone icon moves slightly separate from one another. But aside it will likewise consume your phone battery, to enhance your battery life you need to disable this selection. To disable it adopt these measures.

  • 1. Within the configurations Tab click General.
  • 2. Then click Ease of access.
  • 3. Search for Reduce Motion.
  • 4. Slowly move the slider to eco-friendly color.

5. Reduce Multitasking

Within our Android device we run multiple Applications at same time. As running more Applications it’ll consume more quantity of CPU, battery and obtain it lower. Because processor need to process more applications concurrently it’ll increase its burden. So close the Applications which aren’t utilized by you presently. It’ll improve your battery performance.

6. Find Battery Killer Applications

In IOS you will find many applications installed by customers. Some Applications consume more battery energy than the others. IOS system Provide feature known as battery usage to consider care off which Applications consume just how much energy. This selection collect details about Applications which Application drawing the energy in the past 24 hrs and between previous week. Therefore we can remove that Application or utilizing it less. We are able to Access this function if you take following steps.

  • 1. Open the setting.
  • 2. Click general.
  • 3. Click usage.
  • 4. Click Battery usage.

7. Switch Off Bluetooth And Wi-fi compatability After usage

Within our IOS device we use Bluetooth and Wi-fi compatability for data discussing and access to the internet. Whenever we switch on Bluetooth or Wi-fi compatability radiation generator start producing waves and consume our battery. So we must switch off Bluetooth and Wi-fi compatability after usage this can improve your battery life.

8. Switch Off Location Service

Probably the most important feature of iPhone is Built-in Gps navigation. The Gps navigation service let it know where you are where you stand and send these details to Applications which enable you to find various locations within our city like movie theaters, restaurants etc. But however this particular service also consume our battery since this is satellite based service and share information through satellite network. So we must switch off this particular service when we don’t require it. We are able to turn from it by doing following steps.

  • 1. Open the setting
  • 2. Click Privacy.
  • 3. Search for location service.
  • 4. Move slider to power it down.

9. Avoid Overcharging Of Battery

Whenever we plug our phone for charging then we must take proper care of the length of time the telephone decide to try fully billed. After full charging we must remove our charger because overcharging will damage our battery as well as warmth our phone components. So we must take proper care of battery charging time.

10. Switch Off Hotspot After Usage

IOS another essential feature is hotspot. With the aid of hotspot we are able to share our phone cellular data reference to laptop with another phones. Whenever we switch on hotspot feature then our phone data connection travel on radio waves that is taken by another device . Hotspot feature also discharge our battery soon so we must switch off this selection after use to enhance our battery life.

11. Switch Off Oscillations On Several Tasks

IOS offer vibration accelerator to create oscillations whenever we play games or throughout quiet way of notifying. Sometime vibration is on for touch like all phone will vibration whenever you one any file or folder. Oscillations are just necessary in quiet mode so we must switch off oscillations. Oscillations increase our battery consumption so we must power it down to improve our battery life.

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Sahil Shah
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