Ragit Antivirus 1.1 Free Download For PC

Ragit Antivirus is a powerful antivirus with which to defend your computer from ever recurring network threats such as malware and Trojans. This security program for Windows computers has been designed to offer a high level of security. Ragit Antivirus offers protection in real time and of course also allows manual or automatic scans of the interior our operating system. As evidence that this virus has been designed to offer maximum safety are also integrated with a high malware which block adware, spyware, rogueware, dialers, riskware and much more. Into Obviously the program receives constant updates that improve reliability. Ragit Antivirus still offers a lot as a powerful firewall software configurable with which to block any attempt to gain unauthorized access to our computer. Among the additional features offered include:

ragit antivirus

  • eMail Protection
  • Registry Scan System Windows
  • “Internet Security”, an option that watches over our operating system warning us of the arrival of suspicious files
  • Anti-phishing
  • USB Locker

Download Ragit Antivirus 1.1

Ragit Antivirus 1.1 Free Download For PC

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