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ProShow Producer Download For Windows 7, 8, 8.1

ProShow Producer highly intelligent software, the purpose of which is to create a professional slide show. His popularity has received an application due to the fact that developers have successfully implemented a whole range of topical features, all combined with the advanced option and easy to handle user interface. Performance of the program reinforced the original graphics hardware acceleration technology component of the system. Thus, by applying full power potential is there a video card greatly accelerates the creation and further processing of the presentation.

These characteristics allow the software to ensure comfortable use of HD resolution, moreover, in this case applied the distortion of visual objects becomes less significant. This is quite an important prerequisite if necessary imaging or scaling sought obektov.Takzhe presence of ProShow Producer «smart» system allows you to automatically get rid of the hardware acceleration, in the case where it is not needed.

Main Features of ProShow Producer:

ProShow Producer supports the processing of a huge number of layers for each slide individually. It supports transparency in formats PNG, TIFF, PSD and GIF, allowing you to apply transition effects, gradient fills as well as mask layers. Also a great testament to versatility is the realization of excellent opportunities to manipulate key frames, ripping audio CDs with further conversion to MP3 and stored for future use.

Graphical objects that make up the presentation, can be processed with the assistance tools changing the contrast, regulation definition and color saturation. You can also use the signatures, including static and animated variations organize auditory background accompaniment. The result of ProShow Producer can be saved in one of 14 proposed formats.


Advantages Of ProShow Producer

Just get started using the Presentation Wizard
Wide range of tools
Support for a large number of modern extensions


The lack of official Russian localization
The need to pay for the license before using

ProShow Producer Download

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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